Audible for Android

audible androidAfter a few months of beta testing, Audible has officially released the Audible for Android app.

The Android app is designed to work with Android 1.x and up. As you’d expect, it downloads, plays, and maintains your audio book collection. It also has some pretty cool features, including:

  • annotated bookmarks
  • sleep mode
  • button-free mode
  • book descriptions
  • ability to post to social networks
  • audio book playback while downloads are in progress

The only negative is it only works with Audible’s “enhanced” audio format. This may be an issue for people with limited data plans since enhanced audio is literally twice the size (that is, a file that is normally 80MB is now 160MB).

You can download the Audible for Android app from Audible.

Audible for BlackBerry

audible for blackberry

Did you know that Audible is fully compatible in every way with your BlackBerry smartphone?

Audible for BlackBerry is a free app that allows for seamless integration between your BlackBerry and the Audible website. You can sample, purchase, stream, and download over 75,000 titles directly to your handset. Plus, if you download the app you will receive a free download of David Baldacci’s best-seller Divine Justice .

Currently the Audible for BlackBerry app is compatible with the following handsets:

Storm 2 9550
Bold 9000
Curve 8900
8800 Series
Storm 9530
Pearl 8220
Curve 8520
Bold 9700
Pearl 8100 Series
Curve 8300 Series

To download the app visit on your BlackBerry browser. Even if you don’t see your handset above, still visit the site as it may have been added since this article was written.

Audible Releases iPhone App

audible iphone appAudible has just released a free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch (and iPad, although it’s not a universal app). Although you’ve been able to play Audible content on iPods and iPhones for some time, the the free app features Wi-Fi delivery of your Audible library, iOS 4 multitasking support, detailed listening stats, and more.

The Good:

– includes the basic features one would expect out of an audio book app, like chapter navigation, bookmarking, and listening and viewing controls.

– audio book enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to transfer books from your Audible library to your iPhone or iPad over Wi-Fi, a button-free mode that lets you control audio playback using gestures, a sleep timer and the ability to simultaneously listen to and download audio books courtesy of iOS 4’s multitasking support.

– includes fun extras, like the ability to track your personal listening habits, earn badges for performing certain actions, get insider information about author events and such with the Audible Newsfeed and connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

– for those who aren’t Audible members, the app includes seven audio book excerpts to help get you interested, and as a bonus, if you create a new, free Audible account in the app, you’ll get a free excerpt of David Kirkpatrick’s The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World.

The Bad:

– you aren’t able to browse Audible’s selection or purchase books from the app; you will need to visit Audible’s website to do this.

– you will need to be connected to Wi-Fi to download any files larger then 20MB.


The Audible iPhone does not disappoint – it provides a better listening experience and a whole range of useful features. Nice one Audible.

Click here get the Audible app.