10 Best Gifts for Audiobook Addicts

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for the audiobook addict in your life.? Look no further! Here we’ve compiled the best gifts for audiobook lovers – from audiobook subscriptions, technology, clothing, and more! Read on to find the perfect audiobook gift, no matter the budget.

Audiobook Gift Memberships

audible gift membership

Why not give the gift of listening? One of the best gifts for audiobook addicts is an Audible Premium Plus subscription.

Gifting Audible Premium Plus allows the recipient to listen to unlimited audiobooks from the Plus Catalog each month, as well as receiving one credit that can be exchanged for any title in the Premium Selection (and they get to keep this audiobook forever, even after the subscription ends). You can also choose the subscription length of your gift (1, 3, 6, or 12 months).

Is your audiobook addict already an Audible member? No problem! Current Audible members will receive all credits from a redeemed gift membership at once and their current plan will not be interrupted. Speaking as an Audible member, I would loooooooove to receive extra credits as a gift.

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Another gift subscription you might consider for audiobook lovers is an Audiobooks.com membership.

This subscription service is similar to Audible, in that you get to choose audiobooks each month from the Audiobooks.com library. Gift memberships are available in 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions, so this makes a great gift for audiobook fans!

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A quality pair of headphones such as the Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones is a great gift for audiobook lovers. World-class noise cancellation means audiobook fans can listen in peace no matter where they are. And built-in Alexa Voice Control provides for easy voice access to audiobooks e.g. they could say “Alexa, set a 20-minute sleep timer.”

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Wireless Earbuds

Similarly, a quality pair of wireless earbuds could be the perfect gift for your audiobook addict! Wireless earbuds are small and convenient, allowing your audiobook fan to listen wherever they go. Personally, I love to listen to a good story while walking or running outside.

Airpods are a good option for Apple fans, but my personal favorite are the Sony WF-1000XM4 which have wonderful sound quality, are very comfortable to wear, and come with Alexa built-in.

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Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Does your audiobook addict like to listen to stories as they fall asleep? If so, Bluetooth Sleep Headphones are a gift they’ll love!

These headphones feature a headband design with wireless speakers inside which help to tune out external noises. The device controls are the middle of the headband meaning no pressure is put on your ears. That makes it perfect for use while lying down or even sleeping on your side! In addition to listening to audiobooks while drifting to sleep, these headphones can be used for activities including working out, jogging, yoga, air travel, and meditation.

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Smart Speakers

A smart speaker, such as the Amazon Echo smart speaker, is a fantastic way to enjoy audiobooks.

The Amazon echo offers premium sound, making it perfect for music as well as audiobooks, and as it is an Amazon product, it easily connects to Audible accounts. This smart speaker will give your audiobook lover the ability to ask Alexa to play your audiobooks with simple commands such as “Alexa, read my book,” “Alexa, what’s in my Audible library?” and “Alexa, what are my books?” 

So if you know someone who listens to audiobooks with Audible and would enjoy a smart speaker, an Amazon Echo could be the perfect gift!

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E-readers with Audiobook Capability

Another gift audiobook lovers will enjoy (especially if they also like ebooks) is the Kindle Paperwhite.

This makes a great gift for audiobook addicts, as the Paperwhite is equipped with the capability to play Audible audiobooks through Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, or speakers! So not only can you read e-books on a paperwhite, but you can also listen to your favorite Audible books as well!

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T-shirts are a fun and budget-friendly gift any audiobook fan will enjoy. My favorite is the “I Don’t Discriminate” t-shirt pictured below:

This unisex shirt is made from cotton, has two color options, and comes in sizes S-2XL. This t-shirt is perfect for the reader in your life that loves to consume books in multiple ways!

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Some of my other favorites are:


There’s nothing better than curling up with a cup of tea or coffee and a good audiobook, so why not get a gift your audiobook fan can enjoy with their current listen?

This cute Yoda Best Audiobook Lover mug is my personal favorite:

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What’s your favorite audiobook gift idea? Please share in the comments section below!

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