Best Audible Plus Books (2024)

Audible Plus provides unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and other spoken-word content. Given the extensive catalog of titles, we thought it would be helpful to compile this list of the best Audible Plus books you can listen to right now.

This selection is all about stories that resonate and narrations that captivate, covering a wide range of interests and genres. Whether you’re looking to escape into a fantasy world, unravel a mystery, or find inspiration in real-life tales, our recommendations are tailored to make your listening experience both enjoyable and memorable.

Note: the Audible Plus catalog changes periodically, meaning titles mentioned here may later be unavailable. Although we frequently update this post, some titles may not be part of Audible Plus when you read this.

Hell Divers

By Nicholas Sansbury Smith, narrated by R.C. Bray

Hell Divers takes you into a future where humanity clings to life on airships above a radioactive Earth. The heart of the story beats with the brave souls who dive to the planet’s surface for essential resources. Narrated by R.C. Bray, his voice lends a gritty authenticity to their perilous missions, making each moment feel intensely real. The blend of thrilling action, rich character development, and a well-crafted post-apocalyptic setting makes this a compelling choice if you’re into adventures that keep you on the edge of your seat.


By Mike Bockoven, narrated by Angela Dawe & Luke Daniels

FantasticLand takes you through the aftermath of a hurricane that leaves the employees of a theme park cut off from the world, leading to a Lord of the Flies-esque descent into savagery. The unique format of the book, told through interviews with the survivors, is brought to life by the dual narration of Angela Dawe and Luke Daniels. Their ability to give each character a distinct voice adds depth to the chilling narrative, making you feel as though you’re part of the investigation. This audiobook is a compelling pick if you are interested in psychological thrillers that explore the darker sides of human nature when civilization falls away.

Red Rising

By Pierce Brown, narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds

Red Rising catapults you into a future where Mars is colonized and society is strictly divided by color. Darrow, a miner and a Red, uncovers a truth that shatters his world, propelling him on a quest to dismantle the hierarchy that oppresses him and his kind. Tim Gerard Reynolds brings Darrow’s journey to life with a narration that’s both powerful and deeply emotional, ensuring every moment of betrayal, strategy, and fight for justice resonates. If you’re drawn to epic tales of rebellion and transformation, this audiobook promises a gripping adventure that’s hard to pause.


By George Orwell, narrated by Simon Prebble

1984 immerses you in George Orwell’s dystopian world where Big Brother is always watching, and the Thought Police can punish even a rebellious thought. Narrated by Simon Prebble, his delivery perfectly captures the chilling atmosphere of surveillance and control, bringing a haunting depth to Winston Smith’s fight for freedom and truth in a society bent on crushing both. This audiobook isn’t just a journey into a grim future; it’s a timeless reminder of the value of freedom and the power of resistance, making it a must-listen for anyone who values storytelling with depth and significance.

Call Me Maybe

By Cara Bastone, narrated by Luci Christian & Neil Hellegers

Call Me Maybe wraps you in a sweet, modern romance where a mistaken call leads to an unexpected connection between Vera, a creative soul struggling with her family’s business, and Cal, a tech support guy with a heart of gold. Luci Christian and Neil Hellegers bring the characters to life with a narration that perfectly captures the awkward, charming progression of their phone-based relationship. Their performances add layers of emotion and humor, making the story not just about finding love but about discovering oneself along the way. If you’re in the mood for a feel-good listen that’s as heartwarming as it is witty, this audiobook promises to be a delightful escape.

All Systems Red, Murderbot Diaries

By Martha Wells, narrated by Kevin R. Free

All Systems Red, the first entry in the Murderbot Diaries, introduces you to a self-aware security android that secretly overrides its governor module, gains free will, and becomes obsessed with soap operas. But don’t let Murderbot’s penchant for TV distract you; it’s still a formidable presence on planetary exploration missions. Kevin R. Free’s narration perfectly captures Murderbot’s sarcastic wit and the underlying questions about identity and autonomy. This audiobook is a gem for anyone who loves their sci-fi with a side of sharp humor and deep, existential ponderings.

The Amityville Horror

By Jay Anson, narrated by Ray Porter

The Amityville Horror delves into the terrifying true story of the Lutz family’s brief residence in a haunted house in Amityville, New York. Ray Porter’s narration adds a gripping layer of realism and dread to Jay Anson’s account, making the supernatural events that unfold even more unsettling. Porter’s ability to convey the fear and tension experienced by the Lutz family transforms this audiobook into an immersive horror experience. If you’re fascinated by paranormal phenomena or love stories that keep you up at night, this classic tale of a house with a dark past is an essential listen.

The Dispatcher

By John Scalzi, narrated by Zachary Quinto

The Dispatcher unveils a world where murder becomes nearly impossible because victims miraculously reappear alive. Zachary Quinto’s narration perfectly captures the intrigue and suspense of this unique premise, lending a compelling voice to Tony Valdez, a Dispatcher who navigates the moral complexities of this new reality. Quinto’s performance adds a layer of depth to Scalzi’s tightly woven narrative, making every twist and turn more engaging. If you’re drawn to stories that blend mystery, science fiction, and ethical dilemmas, this audiobook delivers a fascinating listen that’s both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Pride and Prejudice

By Jane Austen, Narrated by Rosamund Pike

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s timeless tale of love, society, and the nuances of human interaction, is given new life by Rosamund Pike’s exquisite narration. Pike, with her refined and engaging voice, captures the essence of Austen’s classic, making the witty banter and the simmering tensions between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy even more palpable. Her performance brings out the humor, irony, and warmth of the novel, inviting you into the world of 19th-century English gentry with an intimacy that feels both fresh and faithful to the spirit of the original.

Audible Plus FAQ

What type of content is included in the Audible Plus Catalog?

The Audible Plus Catalog (available to both Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus members) includes the following content types:

  • Podcast – short-form content that is released in episodes. These include popular topics like comedy, true crime, and journalism.
  • Audiobook – a digital recording of a book. These include fan-favorites, most loved genres like mysteries and thrillers, and motivation.
  • Audible Originals – exclusive audio titles created by celebrated storytellers from worlds as diverse as theater, journalism, literature, and more, all produced by Audible.

Any title that is in the Audible Plus Catalog will have an “included” banner on it, as per the screenshot below:

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Can I view/browse the entire Audible Plus Catalog?

You can also browse the entire selection of Audible Plus titles here: The Audible Plus Catalog

Audible now also publishes a page with the most popular titles: Top Audible Plus Listens

What is the difference between Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus?

We have written in detail about the differences between these two plans here: Audible Plus vs. Premium Plus.

Is Audible Plus worth it?

It depends. We recommend reading our review: Is Audible Plus Worth It?

Can I try Audible Plus for free? How can I sign up for Audible Plus?

Yes, you can try Audible Plus for free for 30-days. We’ve written about this offer here: Audible Plus Free Trial.

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What are the best books on Audible Plus that you’ve found? Please share your recommendations in the comments below!

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