Best Thrillers on Audible Plus

Thrillers have a unique appeal, offering an escape into worlds filled with suspense, secrets, and heart-stopping moments. This selection of the best thrillers on Audible Plus promises just that—a journey through narratives so gripping, you’ll find yourself listening at every opportunity, captivated by the stories unfolding in your ears.

Whether you’re fascinated by the intricate plotting of a crime mystery or the intense emotion of a psychological thriller, there’s something in this list to grip your senses. So let’s dive in and explore the best thrillers Audible Plus has to offer.

Note: the Audible Plus catalog changes periodically, meaning titles mentioned here may later be unavailable. Although we frequently update this post, some titles may not be part of Audible Plus when you read this.

The Ruin

By Dervla McTiernan, narrated by Aoife McMahon

In The Ruin, Detective Cormac Reilly is pulled back into a haunting case from twenty years ago involving a tragic death and secrets long buried in a small Irish town. Aoife McMahon’s masterful narration captures the essence of McTiernan’s suspenseful writing, with flawless Irish accents and a gripping portrayal of each character. The combination of a tightly woven plot and McMahon’s compelling delivery makes this audiobook an exceptional listen, offering a deep dive into intrigue and the complexities of human nature.

American Girl

By Wendy Walker, narrated by a full cast

American Girl takes us into the heart of a small town reeling from the murder of a local business owner, seen through the eyes of Charlie Hudson, a determined autistic teenager. The full-cast narration adds a rich layer to the story, with each voice lending authenticity and depth to the community’s tangled web of secrets. This audiobook stands out for its unique protagonist and the suspenseful, multi-perspective storytelling that keeps you guessing.

The Justice

By James Patterson & Aaron Cooley, narrated by a full cast

In The Justice, Supreme Court newcomer Beth Garner faces a web of blackmail and murder, challenging her ideals and survival. Patterson and Cooley deliver a riveting thriller, elevated by a full cast that brings the high-stakes drama to life. This Audible Original combines legal intrigue and relentless suspense, making it a must-listen if you are fascinated by the shadowy intersections of justice and power.

We Play Games

By Sarah A. Denzil, narrated by a full cast

In We Play Games, a chilling tale unfolds around Effie and Ben May, whose perfect life masks a deadly game. The multi-voice narration by stars like Billie Piper and Dan Stevens brings depth to this psychological thriller, enhancing the suspense and the unraveling of a meticulously crafted facade. This Audible exclusive is a masterclass in tension, offering a gripping narrative exploring the dark side of ambition and the high price of a perfect facade.

Stranger in the Woods

By Anni Taylor, narrated by Harriet Gordon-Anderson

Stranger in the Woods thrusts photographer Isla Wilson into the heart of a mystery within the Scottish Highlands, turning her dream job into a quest for truth amidst secrets and danger. The story’s backdrop, a playhouse with a tragic past involving the loss of the McGregors’ daughter, sets the stage for a tale of suspense and dark revelations. The narrative skillfully intertwines the eerie beauty of the Highlands with the tension of a community wrapped in silence over past horrors, making Stranger in the Woods a standout thriller.

When You Find Me

By P. J. Vernon, narrated by Amy McFadden & Bahni Turpin

When You Find Me is a chilling tale that wraps you in the mystery of a woman whose husband disappears, setting off a chain of events that peel back the layers of her seemingly perfect life. Narrated by Amy McFadden and Bahni Turpin, their performances breathe life into the suspense and raw emotions of the story, making each twist feel personal and every revelation more shocking. This audiobook stands out for its masterful blend of psychological intrigue and deep, dark secrets that keep you guessing.

The Game You Played

By Anni Taylor, narrated by Zindzi Okenyo

The Game You Played takes you deep into the heart of a haunting mystery where past and present collide. Okenyo’s narration captures the tension and emotion of a mother’s search for the truth behind her son’s sudden disappearance years ago. Taylor’s storytelling is tight and suspenseful, crafting a tale that’s as much about the unraveling of family secrets as it is about the desperate hunt for answers. This audiobook shines for its intricate plot and the way it keeps you on the edge, making it a perfect pick if you love a story that can both move and mystify.

Husband and Wife

By K. L. Slater, Narrated by Clare Corbett

Husband and Wife delves into the complexities of a marriage teetering on the brink of collapse. Corbett’s narration adeptly captures the nuances of suspicion, betrayal, and the unsettling quest for truth that drives the plot. The narrative is as compelling as it is disturbing, exploring how secrets buried deep within a relationship can surface with life-altering consequences. This audiobook is a standout for its psychological depth, the unexpected twists, and Corbett’s ability to bring the characters’ emotional turmoil to life.

Exploring the best thrillers on Audible Plus has taken us on a journey into the depths of suspense, mystery, and the human psyche. From haunting tales set in remote landscapes to intricate plots unraveling within the confines of seemingly perfect lives, these selections stand out for their exceptional storytelling and compelling narration.

Whether you’re drawn to psychological intrigue, legal dramas, or dark mysteries, these audiobooks offer a gateway to experiences that are as diverse as they are thrilling, solidifying their status as must-listens on Audible Plus.

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