Voices of Romance: My Favorite Male and Female Audiobook Narrators

As a diehard romance novel fan, my interest in passionate stories began with reading. No matter what genre you love, escaping into those words on a page brings so much joy, and the ability to imagine any story is powerful.

But I’ve transitioned into loving audiobooks even more.

While books or ebooks are still a joy, working as a freelance writer requires many hours looking at a computer screen, and nothing kills the joy of reading more than a headache! Audiobooks offer a soothing reprieve, and a great romance narrator can truly enhance the listening experience.

Below are some of the best romance audiobook narrators—male and female—I’ve listened to, with links to their work in various romance genres. I would like to note there are numerous talented narrators out there, this list represents just a small selection of personal favorites!

Hopefully, you’ll discover a new voice you want to listen to, and you can pick the best romance audiobook narrators for your romance novel collection. Enjoy!

Best Romance Audiobook Narrator—Romantic Comedy

Rom-coms are my favorite genre, so I’m particularly picky about voices in romantic comedy audiobooks. 

Whether it’s stunning comedic timing in a solo narration or an electric chemistry between endearing characters often unwillingly falling in love… here are some great male and female voices in rom-com audiobooks today.

Callie Dalton, Female Narrator, Romantic Comedy

I really enjoy the super-confident and sparkly way Callie embodies the heroines she voices in romantic comedy. My favorite titles that Callie has voiced include:

Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey 

This highly-rated audiobook has an enemies-to-lovers plotline I adored!

Callie brilliantly voices a jaded, Cabernet-chugging heiress who got dumped by one fiance and unfortunately needs to marry someone else to get her manicured hands on her huge trust fund. 

Enter August Cates, who’s desperately trying to run his late best friend’s winery, even though his wine literally makes people gag (hilarious!). They both need money and think they hate each other, but after a sham wedding, they become prisoners to a mutual burning attraction. 

I agree with one reviewer who calls Callie’s audiobook narration “freaking awesome,” in my humble opinion, Callie can voice female and male POVs equally well. However, I tend to prefer the added layer of chemistry between voices in a dual narration audiobook.

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The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Callie’s versatility as a character actor is proven here as she takes on the heroine of Olive Smith, a Ph.D. candidate in science who’s thrown into a fake relationship with a hotshot professor (and “reigning lab tyrant”) named Adam Carlsen.

This is a dual narration audiobook, and Callie sounds great with the sexy guy who voices Adam. So… who is that guy, anyway?

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Teddy Hamilton, Male Narrator, Romantic Comedy

This talented voice actor has been a favorite in romance audiobooks for over a decade, and he didn’t just voice Adam in The Love Hypothesis. If you’re a fan of Callie and Teddy’s dual narration, they worked together on another smart-funny romance I’d love to recommend.

Forget Me Not by Julie Soto

This plot is sexy and fun—a lovers-to-enemies, second-chance romance between a wedding planner named Ama and her ex-boyfriend, Elliot, a guy who hates owning a flower shop (his last name is Bloom, but it might as well be “Brooding” because that’s what he is!).

If you’ve heard Teddy before, you might not know his name is a pseudonym. Teddy’s real name is Andrew Eiden, and Andrew voiced another fantastic rom-com audiobook in my collection.

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Still Hung Up on You by Liz Maverick

Andrew works voice magic here as Ethan, who dumped Hannah Gold in high school. 

After fifteen years of silence, Hannah needs to get something precious back from Ethan—but what she doesn’t expect is falling in love with him again over the phone!

Luci Christian Bell is a voiceover legend with considerable credits dubbing anime characters, and she’s hilarious and heartwarming as Hannah in this second-chance romance.

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Best Romance Audiobook Narrator—Spicy

For me, a voice can make or break the enjoyment and escapism in a spicy audiobook, so I carefully selected my favorites in the light-erotic romance genre.

Andi Arndt, Best Female Narrator, Spicy Romance

If you’d like to hear the “Meryl Streep” of audiobook narrators, it’s Andi Arndt, an award-winning talent who’s in the “Hall of Fame” in her industry.

Andi is equally well-known for rom-com and non-fiction audiobooks, but like I said, I chose the best of the best in spicy romance, and she’s quite simply number one in most audiobook narration categories.

Who’s Your Daddy by Lauren Rowe

Andi voices Marnie Long, an older woman that the blistering-hot younger lawyer named Max Vaughn rightly calls sassy, sultry, and charismatic. Although time passes between their sexy, swoon-worthy encounters, their feelings keep racing like a runaway train!

This audiobook received high ratings for its steamy plot filled with unexpected twists and lots of laughs, and the dual narration chemistry between Andi and Jacob Morgan is outstanding.

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Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg

This oldie but goody audiobook from 2016 is one that many listeners love returning to. I agree with one reviewer who calls this story her favorite kind of dirty-sweet romance!

Andi voices Saylor, a heroine whose life revolves around her beloved bakery. But Saylor also replies yes to an invitation to her ex-fiance’s wedding… and she can’t believe she did that.

Enter Hayes Whitley—a mega-movie star and Saylor’s first love. He left her without a goodbye years ago, and now, a crazy idea hatched between Hayes and his old best friend (Saylor’s brother) is to be her plus-one at the wedding to show that ex-fiance what he’s missing.

Will there be a happily ever after or the slow torture of heartbreak all over again? Select this one, and hear it for yourself!

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Sebastian York, Best Male Narrator, Spicy Romance

Andi and Sebastian have voiced many audiobook romances together, and their talents are definitely a match. 

Sebastian has also worked with other notable voice actors, and many listeners say that his smooth and sexy voice sealed the deal for them to become audiobook addicts—myself included! 

If you ever want to listen to the swoon-worthy Sebastian in his own words, check out “Sebastian York + Lauren Blakely” on YouTube for a series of fascinating interviews on how he got into audiobook narration.

Dirty Billionaire Trilogy by Meghan March

Sebastian voices the billionaire anti-hero in this red-hot trilogy, and his character of Creighton is such an alpha male he basically describes himself as a big, sexy jerk!

Creighton usually beds any woman he wants, but Holly (voiced by Elena Wolfe) is the hottest encounter of his life—and the only woman who’s ever disappeared the following day without a trace.

The dirty billionaire is on a mission to find his woman… and he has no intention of letting her go ever again.

Sebastian’s seductive and captivating narration is why listeners gravitate to this spicy romance series.

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The Takeover by TL Swan (The Miles High Club, Book 2)

Sebastian brings his usual bang-on mix of heat and heart to the bad-boy character of Tristan Miles, a corporate takeover artist who wanted to steal the company owned by Claire Anderson’s late husband.

Claire (voiced appealingly and naturally by CJ Bloom) is a widow with three boys who are enough problems for her to handle. She’s proud to have rejected Tristan once… but when they meet again in a romantic French setting, his erotic charms are too darn seductive to resist…

This installment in The Miles High Club series has thousands of reviews to date, and listeners rave about the binge-worthy love-and-lust combination that binds Tristan and Claire together.

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Best Romance Audiobook Narrator—Contemporary

Romance novels in the contemporary genre make up the market’s largest segment.

The highest-selling authors in this category trust these special contemporary romance audiobook narrators to bring their stories and characters to life.

Christina Traister, Female Narrator, Contemporary Romance

In addition to being a leading professor in the drama department at the University of Michigan, Christina has an extensive resume of narrating contemporary romance audiobooks for some of the genre’s most beloved, bestselling authors.

Luring a Lady by Nora Roberts 

Christina does a stellar job voicing all installments of Nora’s acclaimed series, The Stanislaskis, and book two features a hunky hero of Ukrainian descent named Mikhail Stanislaski.

You can hear Christina’s discipline and theater training in her characters, and the listener can tell how much she appreciates voicing the wealthy and arrogant heroine Sydney Howard, whose privileged resolve begins to crumble under Mikhail’s touch.

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Ramon de Ocampo, Male Narrator, Contemporary Romance

After building a stellar career in audiobook narration, most notably as the endearing voice of Greg Heffley in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Ramon has branched out into contemporary romance, and he voiced one of the best breakout romance novels of the last several years!

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Casey’s book was an instant bestseller, and AudioFile Magazine named it one of the Best Audiobooks of 2019. 

Before you check out the movie version that began streaming in August 2023, I suggest taking a listen to Ramon as he tenderly voices the coming-out story of Alex (son of the president) and Prince Henry of Wales, two “frenemies” who surprisingly fall in love on the world stage.

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Best Romance Audiobook Narrator—Historical

Full confession—my ears perk up when I hear a beautiful British accent, and I love the racy wit and passionate pairings in historical romance audiobooks like Tessa Dare’s The Duchess Deal: Girl Meets Duke with the sweet-as-honey voice of Mary Jane Wells.

Still, I’m getting more interested in historical romances told from a different but equally worthy perspective. This talented voice actor has established herself in the historical romance genre, and I applaud her work!

Kim Staunton, Female Narrator, Historical Romance

As a distinguished Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Juilliard graduate, Kim has graced the silver screen with Samuel L. Jackson and Eddie Murphy.

Her impressive TV credentials include guest roles on This Is Us and Law & Order. I’m mesmerized by Kim’s majestic talents in historical romance audiobooks by a legend in the genre.

Midnight by Beverly Jenkins

Kim does a stellar job voicing this Revolutionary War romance by the acclaimed Ms. Jenkins.

I’m thrilled by the heroine, Faith Kingston, with her dangerous, secretive life as a spy named “Lady Midnight,” and how the passion between headstrong Faith and reckless adventurer Nicholas Grey weaves a hot love story into the real-life history of 18th-century Boston.

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Best Romance Audiobook Narrator—Romantic Suspense

While I adore laughing out loud to a rom-com audiobook, there’s nothing quite like the spine-tingling sensation of a suspenseful romance audiobook to take your breath away!

Vanessa Johansson, Female Narrator, Romantic Suspense

If the last name sounds familiar, Vanessa’s younger sister is the actress Scarlett Johansson. 

Vanessa is an acclaimed actress and director in her own right, with various audiobook narration credits.

Verity by Colleen Hoover

This sexy graphic thriller is not for the faint of heart, and its mature content is best reserved for an adult audience. Verity is also unique because Vanessa and Amy Landon voice its dual narration.

Vanessa and Amy do an excellent job of leading us into the twisted world of Verity and Jeremy Crawford after struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh arrives on the scene—supposedly to help best-selling author Verity—and before her feelings for Jeremy begin to consume her.

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Will Damron, Male Narrator, Romantic Suspense

Voicing over 600 audiobook titles, Will has won an Audie Award, two Voice Arts Awards, and multiple awards from AudioFile. 

His credits include young adult, sci-fi, and fantasy audiobooks. 

Will also has a romantic suspense audiobook on his resume by a world-famous, multi-genre romance author (we featured one of her contemporary romance titles, too).

Nightwork by Nora Roberts

Will capably delivers the characters of a master thief who’s used crime to escape tragedy, the woman he wants but knows he shouldn’t, and a ruthless villain who threatens them both.

Reviewers agree that this audiobook is a thrilling treat for the ears, and many enjoyed a male character’s redemption story mixed with a dangerous romance that is classic Nora. I’ll look out for more romance audiobooks narrated by Will in the future!

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