Audible Platinum Membership

Audible is the largest provider of digital audio books for download. Audible’s content includes over 100,000 titles by more than 600 different providers, amounting to over 125,000 hours of audio programming.

Audible audio files are compatible with over 500 models of audio players, PDAs, streaming media devices and mobile phones (including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones).

Audible Platinum Membership

Platinum members receive 2 credits per month and are charged $22.95 per month ($11.47 per credit).

Audible does not currently have a special introductory offer for the Platinum Membership. My advice is to initially sign up with the Gold Membership and later upgrade to the Platinum Membership if you find that 1 audio book per month is not enough.

If you’re unsure about signing up as a member, or are dissatisfied with Audible once you become a member, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

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