10 Best Audible Plus Books

audible plus recommendations

Audible Plus is a brand-new all-you-can-listen service providing access to an array of Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts. With a catalog at launch that includes over 68,000 hours of content and 11,000+ titles, we thought it would be helpful to compile this list of the best Audible Plus books you can listen to right now.

These recommendations for the best audiobooks on Audible Plus are courtesy of the Audible community on Reddit. We’ve included a quote from the user who recommended the title along with a link to the relevant page on Audible. You can also find the Reddit thread with these and more recommendations at the end of this article.

Please note: the Audible Plus catalog does rotate from time-to-time so titles in this post may be removed at some point. While we regularly update this post, you may find titles are not available at the time of reading.

Audible Plus Recommendations

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke

audible plus recommendation 1

A giant of sci-fi, Arthur C. Clarke explores the advancement of human intelligence and beyond.”

2. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell

audible plus recommendation 2

“Recommended because there’s the Orwell I learned about as a teenager, who wrote Animal Farm as a critique of Stalinism. Then there’s the far more complicated Orwell, an anarcho-syndicalist who ratted out British communists to his government for being too authoritarian, and who was nearly murdered by Soviet agents during the Spanish Civil War. Orwell’s politics and life are way more interesting than Animal Farm would have you believe, and they’re fun to learn about (whether you agree with him or not!). Also: this is a cool book that teaches about the Spanish Civil War, Catalan independence, and different strains of left-wing thought.”

3. Hell Divers by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

audible plus recommendation 3

“A post-apocalyptic book where humanity is living in the sky, Hell Divers are like ‘elite’ troops who go down and scavenge for stuff. Get this if you like post-apocalyptic stories or sci-fi in general with mystery in it. Very bleak, has a little bit of political intrigue as well.”

4. To Hell and Back by Audie Murphy

audible plus recommendation 4

“A WW2 biography. A classic book that is a must-read, Audie Murphy is one of the most famous soldiers in WW2 and Sabaton even did a song on this. Must listen to if your interested in WW2 or the horrors of war in general.”

5. Twisted: The Story of Larry Nassar and the Women Who Took Him Down by Mary Pilon and Carla Correa

audible plus recommendation 5

“I watched the Netflix show about this recently and there were some interesting tidbits in this that were not in the show. Good narrative flow in the survivors’ own words with transitions and explanations from the producer.”

6. A Little History of the World by E. H. Gombrich

audible plus recommendation 6

“It’s good to start getting into history, kind of laying down all the major events. It’s not bland either, it’s very fun to listen to. The book and narrarator kind of treat you like a kid, but not in a bad way, in a way that makes it fun to listen to.”

7. The Plot Against America by Philip Roth

audible plus recommendation 7

“It’s a truly fascinating view of what could have happened in America if FDR had lost his third term.”

8. The Torment of Rachel Ames by Jeff Gunhus

audible plus recommendation 8

“A horror novella that relies on style and technique for the thrills and chills (similar to Ian Reid) with horrific imagery rooted in the combining of the ordinary and innocent for an Uncanny Valley effect instead of gore. Gunhus doesn’t pull it off as skillfully as I’d have liked but the impact was definitely there, especially the ending.”

9. Firefly: Big Damn Heroes by James Lovegrove

audible plus recommendation 9

“The writing and performance really brings out the feeling of the space western. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll love the book.”

10. Locke & Key by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son)

audible plus recommendation 10

“Very much worth checking out. It’s a graphic novel that’s been adapted. It’s a complete immersion experience, so very different from the majority of books on Audible.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view/browse the entire Audible Plus Catalog?

At the time of writing this post, the Audible Help Center says not yet, but they’re working on it. Any title that is in the Audible Plus Catalog will have an “included” banner on it. You can also adjust the search feature to only show titles that are included in the Audible Plus Catalog.

audible plus included

What type of content is included in the Audible Plus Catalog?

The Audible Plus Catalog (available to both Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus members) includes the following content types:

  • Podcast – short-form content that is released in episodes. These include popular topics like comedy, true crime, and journalism.
  • Audiobook – a digital recording of a book. These include fan-favorites, most loved genres like mysteries and thrillers, and motivation.
  • Audible Originals – exclusive audio titles created by celebrated storytellers from worlds as diverse as theater, journalism, literature, and more, all produced by Audible.

Where can I see titles removed from the Audible Plus catalog?

Audible publishes titles removed from the catalog on its website here: Titles Leaving the Audible Plus Catalog.

Where can I find more Audible Plus recommendations?

As noted at the start of this post, these recommendations came from the Audible community on Reddit. You can find the Reddit thread these recommendations and more here:

What is the difference between Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus?

We have written in detail about the differences between these two plan here: Audible Plus vs. Premium Plus.

Can I try Audible Plus for free? How can I sign up for Audible Plus?

Yes, you can try Audible Plus for free for 30-days. We’ve written about this offer here: Audible Plus Free Trial.

You can sign up for Audible Plus here: Try Audible Premium Plus for free.

What are the best audiobooks you’ve found on Audible Plus? Please share your recommendations in the comments below!

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