The Best Audiobooks of the Summer, According to Indie Booksellers

Summer Indie Audiobooks

Summer is here! Whether you’re lounging on the beach, road-tripping across the country, or simply seeking refuge from the heat, a great audiobook can be your ideal companion.

Here we’re bringing you the ultimate guide to summer listening, curated by those who know books best – indie booksellers. These passionate literary experts have hand-picked a diverse selection of audiobooks that promise to elevate your summer experience, whether you’re seeking romance, thrills, or thought-provoking narratives.

Our lineup features a mix of established authors and rising stars, with stories that will transport you to Cape Cod beaches, small-town mysteries, and even behind the scenes of a horror movie production. With expert narration bringing these tales to life, you’ll find yourself immersed in worlds of love, laughter, suspense, and intrigue. So grab your headphones and get ready to discover your next great listen.

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Funny Story

By Emily Henry. Narrated by Julia Whelan.

“This is without a doubt my favorite Emily Henry book I’ve read so far! Daphne and Miles are roommates recovering from horrendous breakups. With the tropes of forced proximity and fake dating, their relationship quickly blossoms into a true friendship that is sure to make you laugh and become teary-eyed. The themes of community and finding joy with where you’re at in life really resonated with me. Daphne is a sometimes-cynical children’s librarian and I felt like I could relate to a lot of her thoughts and feelings. Miles is a kind and charismatic bartender who shows Daphne the impact of creating roots in a town that are your OWN. I also loved the side character of Ashley. Through her, Emily Henry was able to express the importance of adult friendships – and how single moms can and should have fun and support their own needs. Overall, I really enjoyed this story – especially its characters – and I highly recommend. This is the perfect springtime porch read! P. S. I LOVED the audiobook performance – Julia Whelan is an absolute gem.” – Julie, All Good Books

Length: 11 hours 22 minutes


By Catherine Newman. Narrated by Nan McNamara.

“Excellent! Rocky travels with her family (adult children and parents) for their annual week on Cape Cod. As in We All Want Impossible Things, Newman captures the profound nature of relationships, here, among multigenerational family. She contemplates empty nesting; the difficulty in knowing others; and regret in middle age. Newman does this all with such humor, I once again laughed until I cried.” – Amy, A Great Good Place for Books

Length: 5 hours 43 minutes

The Unwedding

By Ally Condie. Narrated Christine Lakin.

The Unwedding by Ally Condie is a twisty thriller you won’t want to stop reading. Like most thrillers, it’s hard to say much about the plot without giving things away, so I won’t. But they are stuck at a resort after a landslide with a body. The main POV is amazing, and I can relate to the character immensely. The narrator in this one is perfection. If you’re looking for a summer thriller while taking a trip, this one’s for you.” – Anna, Katy Budget Books

Length: 10 hours 57 minutes

The Rom-Commers

By Katherine Center. Narrated by Katherine Center & Patti Murin.

“Take one grumpy divorced and Oscar winning screenwriter and add a curly-haired quirky RomCom devotee trying to make a name for herself after devoting much of her adult life to the care of her father and you get a delightful love story! I always enjoy a meta RomCom making a RomCom and the discussions about the trope add to the fun. I found myself rooting for both characters, alone or together, because they deserve some wins! If you love romcoms, lots of sexual tension, and a whole heaping of personal growth, then Katherine Center’s new book is for you!” – Rebecca, Volumes Bookcafe

Length: 11 hours 21 minutes

There Is No Ethan

By Anna Akbari. Narrated by Anna Akbari & Justin Price.

“These women were in their 30s and seeking a serious relationship with an interesting and intelligent man, and they each fell for Ethan; hard. They may have recognized red flags, but either consciously or unconsciously, chose to continue their relationships with him. The twisted, manipulative exploitation of these women is infuriating, but it’s nothing compared to the final twist.” – Sherry, Riverbend Bookshop

Length: 9 hours 57 minutes

Horror Movie

by Paul Tremblay. Narrated by a Full Cast.

“How far would you go to make a good horror movie? This chilling and gory story follows the cursed production of a monster flick aptly titled ‘Horror Movie.’ Celebrating and drawing from pulpy 90’s horror tropes, dripping with suspense, and carved in blood with mysterious symbols, this novel is enough to make you question who’s actually directing these horrifying events” – Lambie, Underground Books

Length: 7 hours 22 minutes


By Julia Phillips. Narrated by Sophie Amoss.

“WOW. Just, wow. Bear was so thrilling and unsettling. You’ll find yourself yelling at the audiobook during some of the most difficult to read, cringeworthy, and terrifying parts of the book. It’s a great look into small-town life run by the tourist industry, where every hard-earned paycheck seems to disappear into a never ending need for money to support Sam and Elena’s family.” – Nadine, Birchbark Books

Length: 7 hours 51 minutes

Just for the Summer

By Abby Jimenez. Narrated by Christine Lakin, Zachary Webber & Abby Jimenez.

“I can’t recommend this amazing rom-com enough! It’s intensely emotional and the love story is unforgettable!! Justin and Emma think they are both cursed because everyone they date finds “the one” after dating them. They decided to date each other and break the curse. Their banter and chemistry is perfect! They are both dealing with serious family issues that the author handles brilliantly! I liked everything about this book. 5 MAJOR stars!” – Sandra, Underground Books

Length: 11 hours 42 minutes

As we wrap up our summer audiobook journey, we hope you’ve discovered your next great listen among these indie bookseller picks. From laugh-out-loud rom-coms to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, this diverse collection offers something for every mood and moment of your summer.

So wherever your plans take you – be it a sunny beach, a shady porch, or a long road trip – don’t forget to bring along one of these captivating audiobooks. Let the stories unfold in your ears as you make the most of the season. Happy listening, and here’s to a summer filled with adventure, both real and literary!

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