Best Celebrity Memoir Audiobooks 2023

In the world of audiobooks, celebrity memoirs hold a special allure. They offer a rare, intimate window into the lives of public figures, made even more personal when narrated by the celebrities themselves.

In this post, we’re highlighting some of the best celebrity memoir audiobooks of 2023. These stories range from personal struggles and victories to deep reflections on life in the spotlight. Whether you’re in search of entertainment, inspiration, or a closer connection to your favorite celebrities, these selections will not disappoint.

The Woman in Me by Britney Spears

Britney Spears’s memoir The Woman in Me offers a candid peek into her life, chronicling her rise to fame and the challenges that came with it. Britney reads the introduction but has admitted finding it too painful to go through all her experiences again. This is where Michelle Williams steps in to narrate most of the memoir, bringing a deeply empathetic touch to Britney’s story.

As you dive into this audiobook, you’ll journey through the peaks and valleys of Britney’s career and personal life. Williams’s voice adds a layer of depth to Britney’s words, creating an experience that’s both enlightening and moving. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just curious about the life of one of pop culture’s most legendary figures, this memoir offers a unique window into Britney’s world.

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Pageboy by Elliot Page

Pageboy is Elliot Page’s heartfelt memoir, a story he tells in his own voice with unguarded honesty. This book invites you into his personal and professional life, offering an unvarnished look at his journey of self-discovery and the challenges he faced in Hollywood’s spotlight.

Hearing Elliot narrate his own story adds an incredible layer of authenticity to the experience. You’ll feel the raw emotion in his voice as he shares his journey toward self-acceptance and navigating identity under public scrutiny. This isn’t just a memoir about a public figure; it’s a personal conversation with you about the complexities and triumphs of finding one’s true self.

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Leslie F*cking Jones by Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones’s memoir, Leslie F*cking Jones, is as bold and lively as she is, brimming with the humor and unfiltered honesty that define her. In this audiobook, you’ll get an all-access pass to Leslie’s world, from her rise in the comedy scene to her unforgettable time on Saturday Night Live, and her take on life’s ups and downs.

As you listen to Leslie narrate her story, her dynamic and straightforward style makes you feel like you’re right there with her, sharing a laugh or a reflective moment. Her voice resonates with authenticity, pulling you into an engaging journey. And let’s not forget Chris Rock’s contribution in the foreword – his familiar comedic flair sets the perfect tone for this rollercoaster of a memoir. Be prepared to be entertained and moved by Leslie’s incredible story.

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Spare by Prince Harry

In Spare, Prince Harry takes you on a personal journey through his life, not just as a royal but as a man forging his own path. Narrating his memoir, Harry doesn’t just recount events; he opens up about the struggles, the milestones, and the quest to carve out an identity beyond the crown. His voice, rich with sincerity and vulnerability, makes his story resonate on a deeply personal level.

As you listen, Harry draws you into his world – from his royal upbringing to the rigors of military life, and his bold decision to step away from his royal duties. Hearing these stories from Harry himself adds an unmatched depth and genuineness. It’s a powerful experience that goes beyond reading words on a page, as Harry’s voice invites you to understand his life’s journey from an intimately personal perspective.

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Making It So by Patrick Stewart

Making It So invites you into the world of Patrick Stewart, renowned for his portrayal of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek. In this memoir, narrated by Stewart himself, you’ll discover the man behind the actor, with stories that are as engaging as they are revealing.

As you listen, Stewart takes you on a journey through his life, both on and off the stage. You’ll hear about his formative years, his ascent in the acting world, and his reflections on playing some of the most memorable roles in film and theatre. Stewart’s narration doesn’t just entertain; it offers a rare, personal insight into the experiences of one of the most esteemed actors of our era.

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Thicker than Water by Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington’s Thicker than Water is a compelling memoir narrated by the acclaimed actress herself. Known for her powerful performances on screen, Washington brings the same intensity and depth to the narration of her own story.

This audiobook offers a profound look into her life, exploring both her personal and professional journeys with honesty and vulnerability. Washington reflects on her upbringing, her breakthroughs in Hollywood, and her activism. Listening to Washington tell her story in her own voice adds a unique dimension, making Thicker than Water a standout that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth.

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My Name Is Barbra by Barbra Streisand

My Name Is Barbra offers a unique, intimate listening experience with the legendary Barbra Streisand. The audiobook covers her journey from a Brooklyn childhood to becoming a global superstar.

Streisand’s candid narration provides insights into both her personal and professional life, revealing her vulnerabilities and triumphs. This audiobook stands out for its raw honesty and the rare opportunity to hear this music legend recount her life story in her own words.

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What was your favorite celebrity memoir audiobook from 2023? Let me know in the comments below.

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