Best Fantasy Audiobooks on Audible Plus

In the quest for the best fantasy audiobooks on Audible Plus, we’ve embarked on an epic journey through realms of magic, adventure, and intrigue. Along the way, we’ve discovered stories that captivate the imagination and offer a portal to worlds vastly different from our own.

Our selections span a wide range of fantasy, from the classic epic tales of Tolkien to the innovative magic systems of Brandon Sanderson, and into the darkly unique worlds of Tamsyn Muir. Each title has been chosen not just for its compelling narrative but also for the exceptional narration that brings these stories to life. So, grab your headphones, and join us as we explore these fantastical worlds and adventures available on Audible Plus.

Note: the Audible Plus catalog changes periodically, meaning titles mentioned here may later be unavailable. Although we frequently update this post, some titles may not be part of Audible Plus when you read this.

Age of Myth, The Legends of the First Empire Book 1

By Michael J. Sullivan, Narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds

Age of Myth takes you into a world where humans aren’t just fighting for survival; they’re daring to challenge the gods themselves. Tim Gerard Reynolds brings this epic story to life with a voice that’s both powerful and full of expression, making you feel like you’re right there alongside the characters.

If you’re into stories with rich world-building and themes of heroism and mythology, then this audiobook is a must-listen.


By Brandon Sanderson, Narrated by Alyssa Bresnahan

Warbreaker takes you into a unique world where magic comes from color and gods live among humans. Alyssa Bresnahan’s narration is spot-on, giving life to the wide range of characters with her versatile voice. She handles the complex story and its magical elements in a way that’s easy to follow and keeps you engaged.

If you’re into stories with deep magic systems, political plots, and surprises along the way, this audiobook’s for you.


By Vonda N. McIntyre, narrated by Anna Fields

Dreamsnake brings you into a post-apocalyptic world where a healer named Snake uses her unique abilities to help those in need. Fields’ narration is both soothing and engaging, perfectly capturing the essence of Snake’s journey and the challenges she faces.

This audiobook is a great pick if you’re looking for a story that combines science fiction with elements of fantasy, all brought to life by a narrator who truly understands the heart of the tale.

Paladin’s Grace, Saint of Steel Book 1

By T. Kingfisher, Narrated by Joel Richards

Paladin’s Grace pulls you into a story that’s as much about finding love as it is about adventure. Richards’ narration brings a warmth and humor to the tale, perfectly matching T. Kingfisher’s blend of fantasy and romance. You’ll follow a paladin who, after losing his divine connection, finds purpose and perhaps love in the most unexpected places.

This audiobook is a standout if you enjoy stories that mix magic, mystery, and heartfelt moments, all delivered with a narration that captures the quirky, charming tone of the book.

The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Book 1

By J. R. R. Tolkien, Narrated by Rob Inglis

The Fellowship of the Ring, the opening chapter of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, invites you into the legendary quest of Frodo Baggins to destroy the One Ring. This tale is a masterclass in world-building, taking you deep into the heart of Middle-earth with its rich lore, diverse characters, and epic landscapes. Rob Inglis’ narration complements the story, enhancing the adventure without overshadowing Tolkien’s detailed creation.

Perfect for fans of classic fantasy, this audiobook offers an unforgettable journey of courage, friendship, and the fight against darkness.

White Trash Warlock, The Adam Binder Novels Book 1

By David R. Slayton, Narrated by Michael David Axtell

White Trash Warlock brings a unique twist to the urban fantasy genre. You’re plunged into the life of Adam Binder, a warlock from the wrong side of the tracks, as he navigates a world filled with magic, mystery, and family secrets. Axtell’s narration captures the gritty and witty essence of Adam, making the character’s journey both compelling and relatable.

This audiobook stands out for its blend of supernatural elements with real-world issues, all while keeping you hooked with its fast-paced plot and engaging characters.

Naamah’s Kiss, Naamah Trilogy Book 1

By Jacqueline Carey, Narrated by Anne Flosnik

Naamah’s Kiss sweeps you away to a world of fantasy and romance, following the journey of Moirin, who possesses the gifts of her ancestors but seeks her own destiny across distant lands. Flosnik’s narration brings depth and emotion to Moirin’s adventures, capturing the essence of Carey’s lush storytelling and the novel’s complex characters.

This audiobook is ideal if you’re drawn to epic tales of exploration, self-discovery, and love, set within a richly woven setting that blends magic with a touch of the divine.

The Sum of All Men, The Runelords Book 1

By David Farland, Narrated by Ray Porter

The Sum of All Men, the first book in The Runelords introduces a unique and compelling fantasy world where individuals can gain extraordinary powers through the transfer of attributes from one person to another. Porter’s narration captures the epic scale of the story, with a clear and engaging delivery that brings the complex magic system and the diverse cast of characters to life.

This audiobook is a great choice for those who love high fantasy with innovative magic systems, political intrigue, and battles between good and evil.

Gideon the Ninth, The Locked Tomb Trilogy Book 1

By Tamsyn Muir, Narrated by Moira Quirk

Gideon the Ninth catapults you into a universe of necromancers and sword fights, all wrapped up in a mystery that’s as dark and intricate as the magic it portrays. Quirk’s narration perfectly captures Gideon’s snarky wit and the gothic, eerie atmosphere of the setting, bringing a vibrant edge to the characters and their macabre world.

This audiobook is a must-listen if you’re into stories that blend sci-fi and fantasy with a healthy dose of humor and horror.

A Darker Shade of Magic, A Darker Shade of Magic Book 1

By V. E. Schwab, Narrated by Steven Crossley

A Darker Shade of Magic offers an enthralling journey through parallel Londons, each distinct in its level of magical influence. Crossley’s narration brings to life the adventures of Kell, a rare magician with the ability to travel between these worlds, and Delilah Bard, a cunning thief who seizes the chance to enter a previously unseen, dangerous world.

This audiobook stands out for its mix of magic, intrigue, and the exploration of multiple realities.

City of Stairs, The Divine Cities Book 1

By Robert Jackson Bennett, Narrated by Alma Cuervo

City of Stairs takes you into a city where gods once walked and their miracles were part of everyday life, until they were mysteriously killed, leaving everything changed. Cuervo’s narration enhances the story’s complex world-building and the intrigue of its politically charged plot, giving voice to a diverse cast of characters navigating this transformed world.

This audiobook is perfect if you enjoy fantasy that combines elements of mystery, espionage, and supernatural history.

How to Date Your Dragon, Mystic Bayou Book 1

By Molly Harper, Narrated by Amanda Ronconi & Jonathan Davis

How to Date Your Dragon introduces a light-hearted and entertaining take on the paranormal romance genre. Set in Mystic Bayou, a place where humans and supernatural beings coexist, the story follows a researcher and a local sheriff as they navigate their attraction amidst mysterious circumstances. Ronconi and Davis bring a dynamic and enjoyable performance to the audiobook, each capturing the humor, romance, and quirky charm of Harper’s writing.

This dual narration adds depth to the characters and enhances the story’s engaging mix of mystery, romance, and supernatural elements.

As we conclude our journey, it’s clear the best fantasy audiobooks on Audible Plus provide gateways to worlds brimming with magic, adventure, and intrigue. Each selection, chosen for both its compelling narrative and exceptional narration, is a testament to the power of imagination to explore the boundless realms of the extraordinary.

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