Best True Crime Audiobooks on Audible Plus

True crime stories have the unique power to unveil aspects of reality that are more bewildering and darker than any work of fiction. Whether exploring the intricate puzzles of unsolved mysteries, delving into the minds of criminal masterminds, or recounting the tales of infamous serial killers, the best true crime audiobooks have a way of pulling us in. And they’re not just enthralling—they’re meaningful, shedding light on stories that have been overlooked or left untold, all while handling the subjects of violence and human suffering with the respect and sensitivity they deserve.

Here we’ve curated a selection of the best true crime audiobooks on Audible Plus, each of which stands out for their compelling storytelling and thoughtful narration. Each one offers a unique lens on the darker sides of humanity, crafted to engage and inform without resorting to sensationalism. Whether you’re drawn to the meticulous detail of a complex investigation or the emotional depth of a victim’s story, these audiobooks provide a profound look at real-world mysteries and the quest for justice.

Note: the Audible Plus catalog changes periodically, meaning titles mentioned here may later be unavailable. Although we frequently update this post, some titles may not be part of Audible Plus when you read this.

Chase Darkness with Me

By Billy Jensen. Narrated by Billy Jensen.

Chase Darkness with Me offers an engrossing look into Billy Jensen’s determination to crack cold cases using innovative citizen sleuthing methods. With engaging narration by Jensen himself, the audiobook captivates with its blend of personal narrative and meticulous investigative work.

This audiobook shines for its compelling approach to storytelling, making it a must-listen if you are interested in the gritty realities of true crime and the potential of modern technology and social media in solving mysteries that have long remained unsolved.

Five Families

By Selwyn Raab. Narrated by Paul Costanzo.

Five Families dives deep into the history and operations of New York’s Mafia families. Paul Costanzo’s narration brings clarity and gravitas to the complex world of organized crime, spanning over a century of Mafia influence in America.

This audiobook is distinguished by its exhaustive research and detailed storytelling, offering a comprehensive look at the rise, reign, and reconfiguration of the Mafia’s power. It’s an essential listen if you are fascinated by the inner workings of organized crime and the figures who’ve shaped its legacy in American history.

The Cases That Haunt Us

By John Douglas & Mark Olshaker. Narrated by Malcolm Hillgartner.

The Cases That Haunt Us delves into intricate investigations of some of the most perplexing unsolved mysteries in history, guided by the expertise of John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. Narrated by Malcolm Hillgartner, the audiobook presents a compelling blend of forensic analysis and psychological profiling, shedding new light on cases that continue to intrigue and baffle. Hillgartner’s narration adds depth to the authors’ insights, making complex forensic details accessible and engaging.

This audiobook is a standout for its analytical depth, offering a fascinating journey through the minds of investigators and the unsolved mysteries that challenge them.

Finding Tamika

By Erika Alexander, Kevin Hart, Charlamagne Tha God, & Others. Narrated by Erika Alexander.

Finding Tamika offers a powerful exploration into the story of Tamika Huston, a young woman who disappeared from Spartanburg, South Carolina, and the broader issue of missing persons of color, often overlooked by media and law enforcement. Alexander’s narration enriches the story, offering an intimate and powerful call to awareness and change.

This work is notable for its emotional resonance and insightful commentary, making it an essential listen for anyone interested in the dynamics of crime reporting, social justice, and the stories that often go unheard.

Trace of Doubt

By Samantha Weinberg. Narrated by Samantha Weinberg.

Trace of Doubt by Samantha Weinberg offers a riveting examination of the murder of Helena Greenwood, a young British DNA scientist, in California, in 1985. Narrated by Weinberg herself, this audiobook delves into the complexities of a case that intertwines groundbreaking DNA evidence with a quest for justice.

Fifteen years after the murder, with the case reopened and a conviction secured through DNA evidence Helena worked on, the story takes a twist when new information emerges, challenging the guilt of the convicted David Paul Frediani. Weinberg’s narration brings a personal and investigative depth to the narrative, as she reopens the case, revealing flaws and biases within the American criminal justice system.

This is a compelling listen if you are fascinated by the intersection of science and law, the evolution of forensic evidence, and the relentless pursuit of truth.

The Night Stalker

By Philip Carlo. Narrated by Tom Zingarelli.

The Night Stalker brings to light the harrowing tale of Richard Ramirez, whose reign of terror across California in the mid-1980s left an indelible mark on the state and the nation. Narrated by Tom Zingarelli, his voice lends a gravitas and suspense to the story, capturing the chilling details of Ramirez’s crimes and the exhaustive manhunt that led to his capture.

This audiobook is a must-listen if you are interested in the intricacies of criminal profiling, the dynamics of law enforcement’s pursuit of justice, and the dark history of one of America’s most notorious serial killers.


By Mary Pilon & Carla Correa. Narrated by Mary Pilon& Carla Correa.

Twisted details the disturbing story of the USA Gymnastics scandal, where hundreds of young athletes were subjected to sexual abuse under the guise of training and care. Narrated by the authors themselves, their delivery adds a layer of authenticity and gravity to the narrative, emphasizing the courage of the survivors and the systemic failures that allowed such abuses to continue unchecked.

This audiobook stands out for its meticulous journalism, compelling storytelling, and the impactful way it gives voice to the survivors’ stories.

American Pain

By John Temple. Narrated by Charlie Thurston.

American Pain chronicles the explosive story of the rise and fall of a notorious pain clinic in Florida that marked the epicenter of the American opioid crisis. Narrated by Charlie Thurston, his delivery adds a compelling layer to John Temple’s meticulous research, capturing the audacity and impact of a pill mill that marked the beginning of America’s devastating opioid epidemic.

This audiobook is a powerful examination of ambition, greed, and the unintended consequences of a flawed healthcare system.

The best true crime audiobooks on Audible Plus offer a captivating blend of intrigue, investigation, and the pursuit of justice. These audiobooks not only promise to engage and inform but also to leave a lasting impact, reflecting the profound and often complex nature of true crime. Have you listened to any of these selections? Are there any more I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments section below.

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