Best Romance Audiobooks on Audible Plus

If you’re on the hunt for your next audiobook crush, Audible Plus is like your personal cupid, ready to guide you to your perfect match. Whether you’re into heart-fluttering first loves or complex, steamy relationships, there’s an endless array of romance audiobooks waiting to whisk you away. Imagine finding that perfect voice that can make you feel all the feels—laughter, tears, and butterflies included. I’ve sifted through the options to highlight some of the best romance audiobooks on Audible Plus.

Let’s be real: what works for me might not be your cup of tea, but that’s the thrill of it. Audible Plus offers a variety of love stories for every mood and preference, from dreamy, swoon-worthy narratives to tales that might just restore your faith in love. With skilled narrators to bring the characters to life and stories that keep you hooked till the very end, these picks are sure to hit the right note. Ready to dive into a world of romance? Here are my top suggestions to get your heart racing and maybe even find your next audio love affair.

Note: the Audible Plus catalog changes periodically, meaning titles mentioned here may later be unavailable. Although we frequently update this post, some titles may not be part of Audible Plus when you read this.

Sweet Talk

Author Cara Bastone is an Audible Award Nominee, and her original audiobook Sweet Talk is a smash hit with nearly 18,000 listener reviews. 

Based on those impressive stats, I took a listen and got hooked!

Jessie has been crushing on Eliot for months, and when he accidentally texts her an audio message one night, these two insomniacs begin “talking” every night for hours…

There is no topic off limits. Well, except that Eliot has no idea it’s Jessie…

Chocked full of refreshing, LOL banter, Sweet Talk is why romance audiobooks exist, and it’s part of an Audible Original series called Love Lines.

Mrs. Wickham

Audible reviews for author Sarah Page’s Mrs. Wickham are all over the place. 

Perhaps you’ll adore the top-of-their-game narration by Jessie Buckley and Johnny Flynn (and the mildly bizarre modern rock music backdrop), or you might be turned off by this short story and its take on Lydia Wickham entirely.

Sorry, not sorry, but I LOVED it. 

Mrs. Wickham is a refreshing twist on Regency romance. I think it’s a delight for readers and listeners who (like me?) spend too much time daydreaming about what might have happened to characters in Jane Austen classics like Pride and Prejudice.

It’s also on Audible’s list of “The Best of 2022,” so the opinion of Lydia lovers seems to outweigh the haters here!

A Vineyard Valentine

Get ready to flex those smiling muscles when you listen to A Vineyard Valentine.

My thoughts on this being a “Best” Audible Plus romance may be a teeny bit biased: I live very close to some fantastic Western New York wineries, and I loved the fact it has a hilarious “Anti” Valentine’s Day plotline!

A Vineyard Valentine is a novella. So, a fast-paced, lighthearted listen to counteract those blah days at this time of year.

Call Me Maybe

Best romance audiobooks on Audible Plus - Call Me Maybe

Cara Bastone’s Love Lines series is an absolute smash for Audible!

The future of romance novels created in audio-first format seems secure, with over 20,000 reviews for Call Me Maybe.

While this isn’t a super-sexy rom-com, its relatability and crazy-good humor are drawing in fans by the thousands. 

Listening to Vera and Kal fall in love just makes you believe. I might start sending soppy voicemails again for the first time in forever!

The Comeback

Best romance audiobooks on Audible Plus - The Comeback

If you’re not a huge K-pop fan, prepare to be whisked away into Ariadne’s world as she tries to make partner at a law firm while trying not to fall for Choi Jihoon, South Korea’s hottest singing star.

The heroine Ari and the hero Jihoon are voiced by the supremely talented, Tony-nominated Phillipa Soo, and Phillipa narrates Ari’s self-doubt and Jihoon’s sweetness with equal romantic brilliance. 

A fresh and modern take on Cinderella themes with an enjoyable cultural twist!

A Thief in the Night

I was a fan of KJ Charles as soon as I read her funny and quirky author bio, and I’ve always enjoyed her historical M/M romances.

So I picked A Thief in the Night on Audible Plus, and I enjoyed this short romance audiobook too!

James Joseph and Ryan Laughton have those yummy British accents that keep my ears in a rapture, and I loved Toby’s “oops” moment of seducing, robbing, and then reencountering Miles, Lord Arvon.

Miles is rightfully unimpressed to see Toby, but he needs to reclaim a priceless, stolen bracelet. And Miles knows he needs Toby… in more ways than one!


Best romance audiobooks on Audible Plus - Seatmate

Book 3 in Cara Bastone’s Love Lines series continues to draw rave reviews.

Although Cara’s first smash storylines are almost too tough an act to follow, Seatmate delivers a funny and romantic listening experience, and it’s easy to visualize Sam and Gwen’s physical humor and natural chemistry.

Most listeners agree it’s because of the excellent narration of Zachary Webber and Amanda Ronconi as hero and heroine. 

Cara was quoted extensively on Audible about her writing process for Seatmate. I enjoyed the private world between two characters in a very public setting as much as she enjoyed creating it.

Teach Me

As soon as I noticed the hero in Teach Me was voiced by the delectable-sounding Jakobi Diem, I pressed play immediately!

Talented author Alexandria House presents this audio-first romance on Audible, and Teach Me is the first book in the Romey University series. 

Professor Nadia Day is voiced by gorgeous Adenrele Ojo, an ideal match for Jakobi’s Nathan. I love the romantic trope about the teacher becoming a student of love (and a little BDSM, too!).

This story is hot and hilarious—and Alexandria writes with soul and heart. 


Best romance audiobooks on Audible Plus - Kismet

Lauren Blakely is like a romance “super-novelist,” so I had to choose her audio-first rom-com, Kismet

Julia Whelan voices the heroine, Jo, and Shane East delivers the grumpy-turned-passionate hero, Heath. Jo’s first evening in London finds her bedded by Heath, and while it’s explosive, they discover that they’re competing for a promotion at work.

While I don’t enjoy my foods or liquids burning hot, this scorching tale of forbidden romance is ear-candy deliciousness! 


Best romance audiobooks on Audible Plus - Pause

Author Kylie Scott has won an Audie Award, and Kylie’s audio-first romance, Pause, has been called “un-pausable!”

Listeners praise narrator Andi Arndt’s delivery of this slow-burn romance. The hero, Anna, has been through the worse following a car crash—waking from a coma, she’s lost her job and discovers her husband cheated on her with her best friend.

But then Anna meets the scarred hero who saved her during the crash… and together, they go from being on “pause” to a new life of healing together.

You Only Die Twice

Best romance audiobooks on Audible Plus - You Only Die Twice

Author Brynn Kelly has won Rita awards for her romantic suspense, and she’s also written “quirky romantic comedies” under the pen-name Bronwyn Sell.

Brynn’s talents in writing multiple genres are highlighted in You Only Die Twice, an Audible Original that blends romance, mystery, and a spy thriller in an entertaining listen!

Alice is the classic frumpy schoolteacher swept into a lethal conspiracy by a sexy mystery man—former CIA operative Carter. These two opposites must go on the run, and they’re shocked when their wild thrill ride turns into real romance…

Beauty and the Mustache

Narrator Joy Nash brings southern sass and strength to former beauty queen Ashley in Beauty and the Mustache, a full-length novel in author Penny Reid’s Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series.

Ashley copes with life through escapism, but a family tragedy forces her to return to an uncomfortable reality at home. 

She can’t escape game warden Drew, and what’s worse, Ashley is soon losing her heart to Drew’s soulfulness, supportive nature, and sexy touch too…

The Bridge Kingdom

Author Danielle L. Jensen’s three-book fantasy romance series, The Bridge Kingdom, has strong lead characters with backstories that create a riveting world.

Princess Lara became a lethal spy in childhood and is bound to destroy Aren, king of the Bridge Kingdom after they become man and wife. 

But an unwelcome attraction to Aren becomes impossible for Lara to ignore, and she must soon choose her fate…

Fans love the enemies-to-lover trope, and the narration here is top-notch. 

We Own Tonight

Narrators Andi Arndt and Zachary Webber bring Heather and Eli to a passionate life in We Own Tonight, a standalone book in the Second Time Around series by author Corinne Michaels.

Heather ends up in bed with her celebrity crush Eli after enjoying herself too much at his concert. 

After that drunken mistake, Heather wakes up and runs away. But Eli gets relentless, and Heather falls desperately in love…

The major “complaint” some reviewers have with We Own Tonight is the story made them cry too much!

So if you want a big, emotional listen (and you’ve got a hanky or three to soak up the tears), I’d recommend this!

Life and Other Inconveniences

Kristan Higgins is renowned for her frothy romances. But her heavier and more developed work, Life and Other Inconveniences, is considered by many to be Kristan’s best work.

This Audible Plus audiobook is not typical romantic fiction since the relationship between the male and female characters is a minor plotline. 

However, this is still a love story between Emma and her grandmother Genevieve, and if you agree, you’ll get rewarded with an entertaining, heartwrenching listen and plot twists to make you gasp out loud.

Honeymoon for One

Romance fans are well-versed in the jilted fiance scenario, and Portia MacIntosh’s Honeymoon for One certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel.

Lila is a novelist with a cheating husband-to-be. She ends up on a solo honeymoon, only to encounter her ex with the other woman… so Lila does the “romance tropey” thing and embarks on a “showmance” with a studly movie star.

It’s frothy and fun, although it might not be enough for every listener’s “best of” list.

Still, Honeymoon for One delivers as a rom-com audiobook on Audible Plus, because there’s enough witty lines for a narrator with excellent comic timing to shine.

Karen Cass has narrated a few of Portia MacIntosh’s romance novels, and they’ve got a winning formula going here!

My Sinful Nights

Lauren Blakely fans unite! 

Book 1 in Lauren’s series Sinful Men is a favorite on Audible Plus, and listening ears are adoring the dual POV narration by voice pros Joe Arden and Andi Arndt (I think I should do a “best of” list just for Andi’s romance audio work!).

Lauren is known as a queen of light and snappy rom-coms, so the second-chance simmering passion in My Sinful Nights sounds far more heartfelt and heart-aching. There’s a lot to overcome, but you’ll be invested in the outcome for Brent and Shay.

And that’s a wrap on our guide to the best romance audiobooks on Audible Plus. With these top picks, you’re all set to dive into tales that promise laughter, tears, and that sweet, sweet rush of falling in love. Whether you’re a die-hard romantic or a skeptic in search of a story to sway you, there’s something magical waiting at the press of a button. So, grab those headphones, cozy up, and let these narrated love stories transport you. Here’s to finding your next audio crush, where every listen is a chance to fall in love all over again.

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