Best Horror Audiobooks on Audible Plus

If you’re on the hunt for the best horror audiobooks on Audible Plus, you’ve come to the right place. Horror, with its many forms and faces, has the unique ability to captivate and terrify us, offering an escape into thrillingly sinister and unsettlingly familiar worlds. This curated list brings together top picks from Audible Plus, showcasing stories that will keep you listening long into the night.

From eerie tales of haunted dwellings to narratives that explore the darkest corners of the human psyche, these audiobooks stand out for their storytelling prowess and the exceptional quality of their narrations. Whether you’re a fan of classic horror stories that have stood the test of time or modern narratives that push the boundaries of the genre, you’ll be sure to find something worthy of pushing play.

Note: the Audible Plus catalog changes periodically, meaning titles mentioned here may later be unavailable. Although we frequently update this post, some titles may not be part of Audible Plus when you read this.

Between Two Fires

By Christopher Buehlman, narrated by Steve West

Between Two Fires is set during the Black Death in 1348, weaving a tale that blurs the lines between historical fiction and horror. It follows a disgraced knight who, during Europe’s darkest hour, finds himself protecting a young girl believed to harbor a divine secret. Steve West’s narration captures the bleakness and hope of the era with a performance that adds depth to the characters and the grim setting.

The story stands out for its blend of historical accuracy, supernatural elements, and a deeply human core, making it a captivating listen if you are intrigued by a dark journey through medieval times.

The Girl Next Door

By Jack Ketchum, narrated by the author

The Girl Next Door dives into the dark realms of psychological horror, centered around a suburban neighborhood’s descent into cruelty and madness. When a teenage girl falls under the guardianship of her mentally unstable aunt, the façade of a normal community quickly erodes, revealing a horrifying spectacle of abuse and manipulation. Narrated by the author, Jack Ketchum, the audiobook offers an intimate and chilling perspective on the story, with a delivery that intensifies the novel’s raw and unsettling themes.

This audiobook distinguishes itself with its unflinching exploration of human evil and the power of bystander complicity, making it a haunting, thought-provoking listen that will linger long after its conclusion.


By Grady Hendrix, narrated by Tai Sammons & Bronson Pinchot

Horrorstör presents a unique twist on the haunted house genre, set in a modern-day, IKEA-like furniture superstore called Orsk. The story follows a group of employees who, after staying overnight to investigate mysterious damages, face horrors far beyond their wildest imaginations. Narrated by Tai Sammons and Bronson Pinchot, the audiobook captures the eerie and surreal atmosphere of the store, blending humor with terror in a way that mirrors the book’s clever format.

The narration enhances the story’s playful yet disturbing exploration of consumer culture and the monotony of retail work, making it an engaging listen if you enjoy your horror with a dose of satire.

Dracula (Audible Edition)

By Bram Stoker, narrated by a full cast

Dracula by Bram Stoker is a timeless classic that needs no introduction, yet its audiobook rendition, featuring a full cast, breathes new life into this tale of the supernatural. The story unfolds through letters, diary entries, and newspaper articles, chronicling the terrifying ordeal of Count Dracula’s move from Transylvania to England and his pursuit by the determined Van Helsing. The full cast brings a rich and dynamic layer to the narrative, with each character vividly portrayed, enhancing the gothic horror and tension that has captivated readers for over a century.

This version stands out for its atmospheric and immersive storytelling, making it not just a horror novel but a compelling experience showcasing the power of voice to evoke fear, suspense, and intrigue.

Ghost Road Blues (The Pine Deep Trilogy)

By Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Tom Weiner

Ghost Road Blues, the first book in The Pine Deep Trilogy by Jonathan Maberry, combines small-town charm with a creeping supernatural terror. The story is set in Pine Deep, a town with a dark past that becomes the setting for a new wave of violence as Halloween approaches. Narrated by Tom Weiner, his voice lends a gritty and suspenseful tone to the unfolding mystery and horror, capturing the essence of the town and its inhabitants with a compelling depth.

This audiobook is praised for its atmospheric setting, complex characters, and the seamless blend of crime and supernatural elements, making it a gripping listen for fans of horror that’s both deep-rooted in folklore and grounded in human drama.

The House of Long Shadows

By Ambrose Ibsen, narrated by Joe Hempel

The House of Long Shadows unfolds within the derelict halls of a mansion long abandoned and shrouded in mystery. Tasked with renovating the house for a reality show, Kevin Taylor discovers the home’s dark past and its inhabitants who refuse to be forgotten. Narrated by Joe Hempel, whose performance brings a chilling depth to the story, the audiobook captures the suspense and haunting atmosphere that defines the best of horror.

Ibsen’s skillful storytelling and Hempel’s narration create a palpable tension, making this a must-listen if you are fascinated by haunted houses and the ghosts that linger within their walls.

The Amityville Horror

By Jay Anson, narrated by Ray Porter

The Amityville Horror delves into the chilling true story of the Lutz family and their brief, terrifying stay in a house they believed to be their dream home, only to discover its nightmarish history. Ray Porter’s narration brings an added layer of suspense and horror to the tale, capturing the escalating fear and supernatural occurrences that plagued the family.

The audiobook’s strength lies in its ability to blend factual accounts with the atmospheric tension of a horror novel, which will have you questioning the boundaries between reality and the paranormal.


By Ben Rock & Bob DeRosa, narrated by a full cast

Catchers unfolds in the small town of Buck Lake, Colorado, where the imminent retirement of Collins, the local dog catcher, is disrupted by a terrifying discovery. Together with Blair, his Gen Z successor, Collins confronts not just a wild dog but a horde of monstrous creatures threatening their community.

Narrated by a full cast, the audiobook captures the essence of an ’80s creature feature and adds a modern twist, blending horror, suspense, and a touch of humor.

The Grand Hotel

By Scott Kenemore, narrated by Christian Rummel

In The Grand Hotel the boundaries between the past and present, the living and the dead, blur within the walls of a mysteriously sinister hotel. The story, narrated with skill by Christian Rummel, unfolds through a series of interconnected tales that reveal the dark history and eerie secrets of the hotel, as seen through the eyes of its enigmatic desk clerk and the varied guests who find themselves entwined in its fate.

The Grand Hotel is an atmospheric, creepy, and entertaining listen well worth your time.

Midnight Mass

By F. Paul Wilson, narrated by Jamie Renell

Midnight Mass takes a harrowing dive into a world where vampires, no longer confined to Eastern Europe, have spread globally, turning vast populations into either kindred spirits or prey. Set in a New Jersey shore town newly under siege, the narrative follows Father Joe, Sister Carolyn, and a small group of survivors as they band together to mount a resistance against the nightmarish new order. Jamie Renell’s narration brings this desperate fight for survival to life, capturing the bleakness of their reality with a gripping intensity that echoes the characters’ own resolve.

Midnight Mass successfully merges vampire lore with a tale of human resilience making it a must-listen for fans seeking a fresh and thrilling horror experience.

Halloween: The Official Movie Novelization

By John Passarella, narrated by Emily Sutton-Smith

Halloween revisits the terrifying encounter between Laurie Strode and the relentless Michael Myers, forty years after he first terrorized Haddonfield, Illinois. With Myers’s escape from Smith’s Grove State Hospital, Laurie, now equipped with survival training, braces to protect her family against his return. This gripping retelling captures the essence of the original horror classic while diving deeper into the psyche of its characters, particularly Laurie’s transformation from victim to warrior.

Emily Sutton-Smith’s narration enhances the suspense, making this audiobook a compelling listen for both new fans and those revisiting the chilling legacy of Michael Myers.


By Tim Lebbon, narrated by Esther Wane

Relics is set in a shadowy world where ancient and forgotten creatures lurk just beyond the edge of our reality. The story follows Angela Gough, an ordinary woman whose life is turned upside down when her fiancé vanishes, leading her into the hidden corners of our world where myths and monsters exist. Esther Wane’s narration perfectly captures the suspense and mystery of Angela’s journey, bringing to life the diverse characters and the eerie atmosphere of Lebbon’s creation.

Relics is a darkly beautiful listen that will have you questioning the boundaries of reality and fantasy.

Diving into the best horror audiobooks on Audible Plus, we’ve encountered stories that stretch the imagination and tap into our deepest fears. From haunted hotels to ancient relics, these tales will take you on a journey through the darkest parts of the human psyche and the paranormal. So, whether you’re a seasoned horror fan or new to the genre, Audible Plus has something that will capture your imagination and maybe even make you think twice about turning off the light.

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