The Best Nora Roberts Audiobooks

If I needed to describe Nora Roberts’ writing career in one word… that word is ‘incredible’.

I was checking out industry stats for Nora and the hits for popular search terms about her online, including “Is Nora Roberts the most successful author?” and “What are the best Nora Roberts audiobooks?”

Current industry estimates indicate that Nora has sold over 500 million books (and counting), and some sources claim she is among the top three published authors of all time.

But is Nora Roberts a romance writer? 

I’m happy to tell you the answer is yes—and most, if not all, of Nora Roberts’ bestselling romance novels are available as audiobooks.

Here are the best Nora Roberts audiobooks based on my favorite Nora Roberts romance novels grouped into romantic genres. 

I also combed through Audible reviews, ratings, and release dates to get a better idea of the popularity of these listens, and I included run times because if you’re like me, you might need to grab stolen moments for a good listen.

I know you’ll find great audiobook romances by Nora Roberts to enjoy on this list!

Romance Genres Written by Nora Roberts

Nora was the first-ever author inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame (as reported by Harlequin), and she started her fiction career writing category romance.

While Nora also writes under pseudonyms like J.D. Robb, her romance novels generally fall under contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and romantic fantasy.

Contemporary Romance Series Audiobooks

Nora’s contemporary romances are so beloved that some of her series from 20-30 years ago have recently appeared in audiobook format. 

It’s good to know that the plotlines of her best contemporaries hold up for today’s listeners. 

I chose my favorite contemporary romance series audiobooks by Nora, and narrowed down this category based on popular opinion.

The Last Honest Woman  

Narrated by Marie Caliendo

The Last Honest Woman is book one in the four-part O’Hurleys series of classic contemporary romances by Nora Roberts.

Abigail is a widow trying to raise her boys after her husband—a reckless race car driver—dies tragically in a crash.

A journalist named Dylan wants to expose the shocking past of Abigail’s late husband and thinks he can charm Abigail into revealing secrets. But soon… Dylan and Abigail are on a collision course of passionate desire…

Audiobook Release date: August 8, 2023

Run time: 6 hrs and 43 mins

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Happy Ever After

Narrated by Angela Dawe

I enjoyed Happy Ever After, Book 4 in the Bride Quartet series, the most, although each story is highly rated. 

Although the plotlines are familiar, reviewers like me love the sizzling wit and sassy dialogue between the characters in the Bride Quartet series.

Parker works with her childhood friends and fellow heroines Emma, Laurel, and Mac at Vows—and these wedding planners make every bride’s wildest dreams come true.

One day, Parker figures she’ll find the one

But she has zero time for anything hot right now, so Parker gets rattled by Malcolm and his passionate kisses.

Malcolm is a motorcycle-riding bad boy who wants Parker, although his good friend—Parker’s brother—might have a big problem with this hookup idea of his…

Audiobook Release date: November 2, 2010

Run time: 8 hrs and 57 mins

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The Next Always

Narrated by MacLeod Andrews

While I initially found the male narrator a bit challenging for the ears in The Next Always, Book 1 in the Inn BoonsBoro series, he grew on me, and I can now hear why all audiobooks in this trilogy are highly rated. 

As the Montgomery brothers—and their loopy mom—renovate a historic inn in Boonsboro, the men all find love in unexpected and entertaining ways.

Again, Nora’s contemporary romance plots don’t reinvent the wheel. 

But it’s a bonus to learn that Nora drew on her personal experience of the town’s setting—in real life, she owns the Inn Boonsboro!

This series is highly recommended.

Audiobook Release date: November 1, 2011

Run time: 11 hrs and 21 mins

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Romantic Suspense Audiobooks

It’s a common joke in the fiction-writing world that Eleanor Robertson (Nora’s actual name) had to assume the pen name J.D. Robb to write her crime novels because Nora Roberts already had too many books published under her name!

Whatever the reason, it’s evident that Nora enjoys writing romantic suspense, and her audiobooks in this genre are probably her most popular.


Narrated by January LaVoy

This highly-rated standalone novel contains multiple characters and a twisted plot. 

Many reviewers rave about January’s skill in narrating so many voices in a story that’s equal parts crime drama and romantic suspense.

Morgan is a wayward heroine who’s just getting her life back together when horror and tragedy strikes. 

Her roommate Nina gets murdered, their belongings and car stolen, and most shocking, the FBI tells Morgan she was supposed to be the murder victim.

Morgan escapes to Vermont and meets a solid local man named Miles. But the murderer, Gavin, is looking for her… and he won’t let her get away this time.

Audiobook Release date: May 23, 2023

Run time: 15 hrs and 4 mins

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The Witness

Narrated by Julia Whelan

Elizabeth Fitch’s life began strangely—her father was an anonymous donor, and her mother was controlling and unloving.

While she grew up obediently, Elizabeth made one drunken mistake as a young adult, and she’s forced to change her identity to survive.

Decades later, the woman now known as Abigail lives alone in the Ozarks. 

The mystery of her catches the interest of Brooks, the local police chief, and while he thinks he should protect Abigail from something… Brooks is shocked by his desire for her, too…

But the dangerous men that Abigail encountered on that drunken night are out to get her, and soon, she and Brooks are facing passion and death together…

Audiobook Release date: April 17, 2012

Run time: 16 hrs and 19 mins

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The Obsession

Narrated by Shannon McManus

Naomi is a heroine haunted by her father’s terrible crimes, and she believes her destiny is to remain lonely.

Naomi hides her desperate truth under the alias Naomi Carson, a successful photographer who owns a charming but broken-down old house in small-town Sunrise Cove.

While she thinks solitude is her only way to survive, Naomi is unwillingly drawn to a local man named Xander. He’s breaking through her defenses, and Naomi craves his touch…

But Naomi knows what everyone else doesn’t—the obsession of her evil father is never far away, and soon, the nightmare is upon her again…

Audiobook Release date: April 12, 2016

Run time: 14 hrs and 19 mins

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Romantic Fantasy Series Audiobooks

When Nora began branching out creatively into romantic fantasy, she gained a new following among passionate fans of the genre.

Unlike many of the books in Nora’s contemporary romance series, her fantasy romance series is best enjoyed one after the other—and then reread whenever you crave to dive back into the “magick” worlds she’s created!

Two romantic fantasy series by Nora have received high ratings from readers in novel form, and the audiobook versions are worthy additions to your collection. 

The Guardians Trilogy

Narrated by Saskia Maarleveld

This three-part audiobook series was released between November 2015 and December 2016. The Guardians Trilogy remains popular today, with the newest reviews for each book ranging from 4.5 to 4.7 stars on Audible. 

The guardians appear to be six strangers, but they’re connected by fate, driven by ancient mysteries, and bound together by true love. 

As the trilogy unfolds, dramatic and intimate secrets get shared. The three couples embrace each other and their destinies as guardians struggling to conquer evil and restore balance to their world.

Book one is Stars of Fortune (length: 10 hrs 45 min). Sasha is the reclusive seer who binds the guardians in a hunt for the fire star. As dark forces threaten them, Sasha longs for Brian, the powerful magician in the six.

Book two is Bay of Sighs (length: 10 hrs 48 min). Time-traveler Sawyer desires mermaid Annika as the guardians search Capri for the water star. But their dangerous enemy has a new weapon and wants Sawyer and Annika’s blood.

Book three is Island of Glass (length: 11 hrs 15 min). In mystical Ireland, the guardians seek the Star of Ice, and Doyle, the immortal, returns to the scene of his tragic past of centuries ago. 

Riley takes on the human role of archaeologist. Still, her core is purely wolf, and scorching encounters with Doyle prove her destiny is saving the six guardians and becoming Riley’s mate after they’ve restored their world…

Saskia’s narration of The Guardians is outstanding—she takes you to Greece, Italy, and the Emerald Isle and brings the characters, their accents, and their passion to vivid-sounding life. 

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Three Sisters Island Trilogy

Narrated by Sandra Burr

All three books in Nora’s Three Sisters Island Trilogy were released in June 2008, and listener reviews in October 2023 continue to say this series is the perfect romantic fantasy to celebrate Halloween and the paranormal all year long!

Book one is Dance Upon the Air (length: 9 hrs, 45 min, rated 4.5 stars). 

When she comes to Three Sisters Island, Nell Channing escapes the terror of an abusive husband. Soon, she’s the cook at the local cafe, and she’s even attracted to Zack, the local sheriff.

But Nell must keep her secrets close until she discovers the centuries-old island curse. Then, she joins two other gifted local women to break the curse and save everyone, even as her nightmare past threatens to catch up with her.

Book two is Heaven and Earth (length: 10 hrs, 5 min, rated 4.6 stars).

Ripley Todd is a busy sheriff’s deputy on Three Sisters Island. Although happy with her quiet life, she is frightened by her inability to control her remarkable powers.

When MacAllister Booke arrives to investigate those bizarre witchcraft rumors, he immediately senses that Ripley is exceptional but struggling. He’s fascinated by her, and Mac wants to help her… he just wants her, period.

As they begin to picture happiness together, Riley and Mac are confronted with the pain and danger of a past that might destroy their future…

Book three is Face the Fire (length: 10 hrs, 36 min, rated 4.6 stars).

Sam Logan broke Mia Devlin’s heart on Three Sisters Island years ago. They shared a passionate bond built on legend and fate—but Sam ruined her when he left Mia behind.

But now Sam is back, he’s contrite, and he wants all of Mia again. She’s furious at how much she still wants him and even angrier that she will need Sam’s powers to help break the curse and win the challenge.

As Sam and Mia come together, they face the darkness and an overwhelming desire that never left them.

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