16 Best Romance Audiobooks on Everand

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a curated selection of the finest romance audiobooks available on Everand. This platform not only houses a wide variety of enthralling romance tales but also prides itself on offering exclusive listens that you won’t find anywhere else.

Everand’s library ranges from the delightfully sweet to the irresistibly sexy, catering to every romance listener’s taste. Whether you’re looking for a light-hearted rom-com to brighten your day, a steamy saga that keeps you listening late into the night, or a timeless love story that transports you to another era, you’re sure to find something of interest in Everand’s curated collection.

So, let’s press play on these standout romance audiobooks and lose ourselves in worlds of love and longing.

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Everand Exclusive Romance Audiobooks

A relatively new imprint under the Everand banner is Bryant Street Publishing.

They focus on bringing subscribers exclusive audiobooks in many genres, including romance novels, novellas, and “novelette-length” works.

I took a nice long listen to Everand’s exclusive romance audiobooks, and I’m pleased to say these are some of the best!

Lost to the Gray

The fantasy romance genre has exploded in recent years. 

I did a bit of research and found there are at least 17 sub-genres of fantasy! I also reviewed the top nine sexy gothic romance audiobooks recently, with gothic being the OG of the fantasy genre.

Lost to the Gray is a very new urban fantasy release on Everand, and I love the deep raspy narration of Oliver Clarke, so I gave this novella-length audiobook a listen. It’s fantastic!

Author Amanda Bonilla has written many urban fantasy romances under the Shaede Assassin and Sentry of Evil series. Seven of her titles are available in the Shaede Assassin series on Everand. 

Like many complex urban fantasy romances, the plot of Lost to the Gray is easier to sit and get lost in than try to explain in a roundup review. 

If you’re short on time and want a sexy fast-paced fantasy, I recommend this as a good entry into the series and urban fantasy!

Scoundrel’s Kiss

Author Carrie Lofty is a master of multiple-genre romance, and this sweeping historical set in 13th-century Europe is like a sexy trip back in time on a blah winter day.

English noblewoman Ada is lost in Spain and needs the help of a monk (who, as it turns out, was once a lusty rogue!).

The tagline is “Rules Are Meant To Be Broken…” and Scoundrel’s Kiss makes being bad very good. 

Narrator Hannah Hedley is up to the task here—this is a “wordy work,” and she wraps her voice around complicated sayings and long ago scenes to create a fascinating listen. What a great way to spend 11 hours!

Dirty Laundry

I’m a big fan of delicious male-male erotic romance audiobooks, but I’ve never really given F-F a listen. 

That all changed with Holley Trent’s Dirty Laundry.

I found this very NSFW story about fetish clubs and dominatrices to be blistering hot (no surprise) but also heartwarming!

Heidi is not immune to a broken heart, and Carine is unafraid to let everyone know who she really loves. So when Carine wants to take their status beyond the bedroom, Heidi’s gut reaction is to break it off…

It’s a BDSM rollercoaster for these heroines, and the listen was made even better by narrator Avery Caris. She reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker’s voiceovers as Carrie Bradshaw, and her breeziness adds heart to taboo subjects.

Dragon Her Feet

The play on words in the title Dragon Her Feet caught my eye when I was perusing romance titles on Everand, and this so-called zany paranormal romance audiobook does not disappoint!

Narrator Morais Almeida has comic timing for days, and she brings curvy heroine Katie Carmichael to glorious life from the first raunchy sentence she proclaims on page one. 

Based on how much I enjoyed this audiobook, I’d like to nominate zany paranormal romance as a new fave fantasy sub-genre! A listen to this hot and hilarious love story featuring a “were-dragon,” and a “were-hedgehog” had me sighing, laughing, and supremely entertained.

Best Romance Audiobooks on Everand

Next, I focused on romance audiobooks I hadn’t listened to before that are available on Everand

The first selection is my favorite romance sub-category… hilarious and steamy rom-com!

The Worst Best Man: A Novel

With a title like The Worst Best Man, this novel by best-selling author Mia Sosa had me at hello.

Mia graduated from Yale Law School, and as her Everand author bio says, she practiced law in DC for ten years before trading “suits for sweatpants.” I’m glad she did because The Worst Best Man is one of her most sexy and fun books!

Narrators Rebecca Mozo and Wayne Mitchell are spot-on as jilted wedding planner Carolina (Lina) and marketing expert Max (he’s the “worst best man”). This audiobook is like a romantic movie playing in the theatre of your mind, and it’s one of my new faves.

See Right Through Me

Listening to Dirty Laundry on Everand opened my mind to another LGBTQIA+ romance, this time a slow-burn, same-sex contemporary by the talented L.T. Smith. 

Told in first person, See Right Through Me is the story of a clumsy schoolteacher named Gemma who finds herself “in the capable hands” of a beautiful doctor named Maria. 

A thrilling start descends into heartbreak and deceit between the heroines, and Hannah Martin’s spellbinding, intimate narration really drew me in. 

It’s got the awkward heart I loved in Bridget Jones’s Diary but with far more mature and dramatic themes.

Make a Wish

I love Helena Hunting’s “wacky romantic” sense of humor. Many readers agree because her romance novels are consistent New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.

Deep down, our heroine Harley wishes for one life moment do-over. 

Seven long years after that awful moment happened, Harley gets her chance when widower Gavin shows up at a princess-themed birthday party with his adorable daughter… and he’s the one wearing a tutu. 

Stella Bloom and Jason Clarke totally complement each other in this audiobook, and Make a Wish is a thoroughly entertaining listen for any rom-com lover. 

The Many Dates of Indigo

I’ve just started getting into author Amber D. Samuel’s contemporary romance, The Many Dates of Indigo, and the friends-to-lovers story narrated by a masterful Reina Mystique is definitely keeping me engaged!

Amber is a Wattpad star, so listening to her debut novel on Everand is a treat.

I also like the family dynamic element in a romance, and reviewers of the book version mention that the relationship between Indigo and her parents develops in a really satisfying way. 

Sugar and Salt: A Novel

Author Susan Wiggs has won a prestigious RITA award from the Romance Writers of America.

I’ve enjoyed some of her previous books, so when I saw Susan Wigg’s Sugar and Salt on Everand, I figured it was a sweet romance audiobook about a heroine opening a BBQ joint on the West Coast.

I did enjoy Sugar and Salt, but it also surprised the heck out of me!

The plot turns serious quickly and gets into weighty issues (and problems) affecting many people, from the criminal justice system to inequality and partner abuse. 

Narrator Christine Lakin is exceptional here, and her crisp voice works on the more serious subject matter. I recommend this if you want a substantial listen over a lighthearted romp.

Honey and Spice

After Sugar and Salt, I added foodie-sounding Honey and Spice to my list based on the suggestion of a fellow audiobook lover.

This yummy listen captivated me from the first sentence!

I’m not familiar with the world of Kiki Banjo, a British-Nigerian college student who dishes out love advice on a radio show—with no interest in actually experiencing the real thing herself.

But I am familiar with the “fake relationship” trope here. However, what could be a tired plotline becomes newly vibrant, sexy, and hilarious from the crazy-talented voice of debut author Bolu Babalola.

Narrator Weruche Opia is epic here… this is my new favorite listen in romance audiobooks, and I’m not even finished yet!

With Winter’s First Frost

There are so many great romance audiobooks on Everand, and I was surprised at how many genres I enjoyed that I wouldn’t usually select.

That said, I did want to find at least one sweet romance! 

And when I came upon With Winter’s First Frost, I quickly realized you don’t get much sweeter than this…

Author Kelly Irvin is renowned for writing Amish romances, and With Winter’s First Frost has a very gentle plot that might be too slow-burning even for the Hallmark Channel!

Considering that, this audiobook still works for me. I loved Hayley Cresswell’s cozy narration and her adept ability to take on different character voices.

The characters here are seasoned—the heroine, Laura, is a ripe young age of 73—but that makes this lovely love story more true to life, and I found that it filled me with hope.

Among the Fair Magnolias: Four Southern Love Stories

My historical romance heart always beats strong for a spicy bodice-ripper… but here again, Everand presented me with a new and enjoyable alternative with four standalone stories!

Among the Fair Magnolias is four historical love stories by different authors, each told from a sweet, Christian perspective. 

Our heroines (and a hero!) face issues common to soldiers and plantation daughters in the post-Civil War era. I liked getting drawn into each character’s unique story during a similar time in history.

Of the two narrators in this book series, it took me longer to get into Melba Sibrel’s voice. But her narration grew on me, and she reminds me of an authentic voiceover in one of Ken Burns’ American history documentaries.

November 9: A Novel

Bestselling author Colleen Hoover’s November 9 takes us into Ben’s world when he meets Fallon, and her life becomes the creative spark he needs for his unfinished novel. 

I’m still getting into this one, but I picked it based on the excellent reviews for Colleen Hoover’s written voice and the outstanding narration by Zachary Webber and Angela Goethals.

I’ve already been forewarned that this audiobook will make me “ugly cry,” and I can’t wait to experience the plot twist to the fullest!

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