20 of the Best Sci-Fi Audiobooks on Everand

Everand (formerly Scribd) is a popular platform for audiobook fans offering a large catalog with endless listening opportunities. And not only does it offer audiobooks, but also ebooks, journals, graphic novels, and other literary content, all in one simple subscription.

For science fiction fans, Everand has a good selection of sci-fi audiobooks, each ready to transport you to another dimension for some awesome sci-fi adventures. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best sci-fi audiobooks on Everand and why they are worth listening to. From classic titles to modern favorites, there is something here for every sci-fi fan. So strap in and get ready for the ride of your life!

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Proxima by Stephen Baxter

With a slightly different take on the characterization of sci-fi novels, Proxima tells the story of a group of survivors trying to colonize a new planet. With an intergalactic intelligence whose thoughts span the distance of the universe, this story follows several interesting themes with strong parallels to the potential futures of our own earth. This story is set in a distant galaxy, around the year 2700 – on a beautiful and strange planet with incredibly contrasting environments on each side of the globe. This is a fascinating story that any sci-fi fan will enjoy. 

Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan

In a world where human consciousness can be copied, and inserted into a body, Altered Carbon tells the story of Takeshi Kovacs – or more specifically, his copied consciousness. In the story, the now-convicted Takeshi has been hired by a billionaire to uncover the murderer of their last body. This hunt takes Takeshi on a high-stakes journey, where he discovers deadly plots and conspiracies. It takes place 400 years in the future, in a newly formed interplanetary colony that was assisted by the technology of an ancient civilization found on Mars. 

Red Hail by Jamie Killen

Using sci-fi and mystery as a backdrop for the discussion of deeper themes, Red Hail explores the bigotry, hatred, and division of our society through the medium of fiction. In this sophisticated story, a professor has been researching the fascinating and bizarre events of a town in Arizona. The event is the Galina incident – a terrible destruction of the city via paranoia and violence. At first, the professor’s hypothesis is that this was caused by mass hysteria, although as he digs deeper, he uncovers a more eerie truth. More concerning is the fact that these strange events seem to start repeating… 

The Primus Initiative by Robert Davies

A twenty-year-old intergalactic war finally starts to threaten the safety of planet Earth. In The Primus Initiative, a deadly violent race of aliens – the Namadi – are sending attack ships to destroy Earth and other intergalactic civilizations. The hope of humanity depends on a rushed rescue mission where two brave heroes must lead a troop of commanders to find the secret to combating their enemies on a distant planet. This is a highly gripping tale that gives us a glimpse into the potential intergalactic threat of violent aliens. 

Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler

This unique sci-fi book has a core theme of hope and the power of humanity’s love and cooperation. In a slightly distorted version of our own world, Parable of the Sower takes place in an alternative 21st century, following an 18-year-old protagonist – Lauren Olamina. Written as a diary of this young woman, you’ll see how powerful a beautiful philosophy can be when it comes to countering evil in the world. Lauren’s world depends on her ability to embrace faith and change in order to overcome immediate difficulties. 

Sphere by Michael Chrichton 

Written by Michel Chricton (Jurassic Park, Prey, State of Fear), one of the most cherished sci-fi authors of the last century, Sphere is a thriller that achieved huge popularity when released. This gripping composition tells the story of scarily possible future technology, which makes you question where the future of planet Earth is heading. This book follows scientists who are on a mission to uncover an alien spaceship at the bottom of the ocean. On this journey, they discover something truly unsettling – listen on to find out!

2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke

Published over 40 years ago, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a classic sci-fi story that all fans of the genre need to experience at some point. This was the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film of the same name and changed the way humanity perceives itself, the stars, and our history. 

This book tells the story of humanity, life, and the journey of evolution from humble beginnings, to the mighty possibilities of space travel, computers, and artificial intelligence. It has deeper themes on how the universe reacts to its own creation of the human race. This is truly an unmissable classic! The perfect performance in the audio narration does justice to the powerful and captivating tale. 

All Systems Red by Martha Wells

This is the first book in a gripping and profound series of sci-fi novels written by Martha Wells, which is highly recommended for anybody with an interest in artificial intelligence, robots, and what it means to be human.

All Systems Red takes you to a world of sentient, conscious robots – unfortunately, they have the mission of hunting and killing the last remaining humans on Earth. In a twist of fate, one of the kill-bots has overcome its instinctive programming and begins to question its bloodthirsty motives. This clever and captivating novel kicks off an excellently deep series of books that not only entertains you but in some weird way makes you feel more human. 

The First Protectors by Victor Godinez

A begrudging, retired military hero is dragged into a new war when an alien ship crashes into the planet. This ship reveals multiple warring extraterrestrial races, one peaceful, and one violent. These races are slowly surrounding planet Earth, bringing their conflict into our galaxy. 

In this crash, the hero is injected with a mysterious implant that gives him superhuman powers. He was hoping to enjoy his retirement, but now he’s been pulled into leading the human resistance against a race of threatening aliens. This military sci-fi novel is a gripping experience that will entertain the action-loving sci-fi fans out there. 

Specimen 959 by Rober Davies

An engineer has been sent on a mission to repair a broken mining rig, stranded on a faraway planet full of resources and minerals. This was meant to be a standard operation and one of the last ones on his list before retirement. Unfortunately, Darren Norris’s journey becomes disastrous, as his spaceship is knocked off course and ends up in a distant and deadly atmosphere. He has to fight to survive, in this exciting, yet terrifying sci-fi story. 

Cyber Mage by Saad Z. Hossain 

Set in Bangladesh in 2089, Cyber Mage takes you into a thriving future where nanotechnology has changed the course of humanity, allowing them to survive the climate crisis. This nanotech has completely altered the physical needs of humans, meaning some no longer need food, water, or even functioning organs to survive. However, many humans need the standard conditions to survive, meaning that certain areas of the planet have become densely populated. 

In the story, a mercenary is tasked with hunting down a super magical race of genies, although – this alerts the attention of the Cyber Mage. This is a fantastic sci-fi novel blending future technology with traditional Asian mythology – certainly worth experiencing!

Never Let Me Go by Kazuro Ishiguro

This classic story takes place in a dystopic alternative version of modern England. In this tale, a group of students is put through the trials of a fateful existence. Humanity has been altered by the possibility of cloning, which has had huge effects on civilization and nature. This book tells the story of human emotion, true love, friendship, and the meaning of memory. 

It’s not your typical action sci-fi story, but it has a deep and profound message and an intriguing world. 

The Andromeda Strain by Michael Chrichton

In light of the events of the pandemic, this tale might be too close to home for some people. The Andromeda Strain is an iconic sci-fi novel written by Michael Chriton, which explores a world where an alien virus has accidentally been transported back to planet Earth by a space probe. A book truly ahead of its time, The Andromeda Strain covers many scarily accurate themes of how humanity would react to an unknown viral threat. 

Echoes of Esharam by Robert Davies

An imminent galactic apocalypse threatens the survival of the human race, which can only be saved by an unlikely, and slightly unwilling, hero. Echoes of Esharam continues the story of Darren Norris from the previous Specimen 959 book. Without giving away too many details from the first book, Norris wakes up to having his memories restored from his previous adventures. He thought he had been living in a blissful new existence, but it turns out, he still needed to save the world… 

Dead Silence by S. A. Barnes

A worker soon to be laid off is called back into action when her repair crew detects a distant emergency signal. Claire and her team set off to find out the source of this distress – motivated by the lack of work waiting for her on her return to earth. 

They discover a long-lost luxury space cruiser – an intergalactic Titanic, of sorts, which went missing on its first journey around the galaxy. Claire and her crew soon discover the sinister and terrifying fate of this once glorious space cruiser. But will they escape alive?

Red Dust by Yoss

This tongue-in-cheek futuristic novel written by Cuban author Yoss is a must-listen for any fans of both humor and scientific fantasy. Earthlings are permitted to continue their capitalistic ways by the Grodos alien race. An enormous, mantis-like species, the Grodos have become the masters of the human race, although not forcing them into total slavery. 

The protagonist is a hyperactive police robot, by the name of Raymond, who explores human and alien worlds to rid the universe of intergalactic criminals. However, he runs into trouble with one fugitive who has the psionic ability to manipulate the statistics and chances of events in the universe – this is quite something to get your head around. 

This tale is both witty and mind-boggling and is a must-listen for anybody with an interest in this genre. It has a unique approach that shouldn’t be missed. 

The Schrödinger Girl by Laurel Brett

Set in 1960’s New York, The Schrödinger Girl takes you through the life of Garrett Adams, a somewhat uptight psychology professor who isn’t enjoying the free vibe of the 60s. He meets a woman in a bookstore – Daphne. She takes him into the underground movements of the time, like the Vietnam War protests, politics, and the punk music scene. 

A mysterious event splits Daphne into four versions that exist in separate realities. Despite Garrett’s understanding of the impossibility of this situation, he gets drawn into the mystery and science-defying nature of Daphne’s bizarre situation. This brings his own life into turmoil. 

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Live in Concert by Douglas Adams

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a true sci-fi classic that has inspired many consecutive projects. In this recording from 1995, Douglas Adams, the original author, captivates an audience with his live performance and reading of this epic story. This isn’t the full story but contains a bunch of excerpts from the book and its sequels. This is a fascinating listen for any big fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide universe. 

Refuge: After the Collapse by Scott B. Williams

America is thrown into chaos, darkness, and catastrophe after an apocalyptic solar flare. Refuge explores the potential events following this type of breakdown, where America has been thrown back into the dark ages. 

Understandably, the citizens of America are hysterical, finding themselves in a fatal survival situation, and isolated from the outside world. The protagonist, Artie Drager, sails to America to find his daughter, however, his plans soon change… This explores the types of anarchy and descent that might occur in an apocalyptic situation in modern America. 

The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell

A living saint and priest, Emilio Sandoz, is plunged into insanity and trauma after experiencing an out-of-this-world event. He is the first man to come into contact with an extraterrestrial race, which understandably makes him question his beliefs in God. 

Sent with a crew in a spaceship to the planet containing this newly discovered life, Sandoz becomes wrapped up in a terrifying and potentially apocalyptic scenario. 

Enjoy your journey into new distant dimensions and universes! Any of these sci-fi stories will transport you into a parallel world. If you want even more futuristic goodies, check out our other list of the Best Sci-Fi Audiobooks of All Time for a larger catalog that extends beyond the offerings of Everand.

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