11 of the Best Funny Audiobooks to Laugh Out Loud

Need a good laugh? The audiobook format is great for humorous books, especially when narrated by a celebrated comic such as Ali Wong and Jerry Seinfeld. From factual to fictional, from travel to philosophical, from dark and dry to witty and wry, this collection of the best funny audiobooks has something for everyone. No matter what you’re dealing with, these hilarious listens will have you laughing out loud!

This collection has been curated with the help of Libro.fm and their community of independent bookstores. Not familiar with Libro.fm? It’s actually one of my favorite audiobook services because, among other things, it splits its profits with independent bookstores (read my Libro.fm review). Here are eleven bookseller picks for the funniest audiobooks:

Best Funny Audiobooks

Broken (in the best possible way)

By Jenny Lawson. Read by the author.

“Jenny Lawson is and will forever be my crazy, taxidermied spirit animal. In Broken she managed to make me snort coffee from my nose in laughter, then grasp at my aching heart a moment later in mutual grief. There’s so much exposed nerve in this book that it is impossible not to get sucked into her vulnerability. I think she’d want you to know it’s okay to come on over and linger in the pain. Just, you know, not TOO close next to her. Personal space and all that.” – Jenny, Page 158 Books

Dear Girls

By Ali Wong. Read by Ali Wong & Justin Hakuta.

Bookseller recommendation:

“So funny and raunchy that one can’t help but laugh out loud. Ali’s observations are so true and her love for her family shines in between all her humor. I especially loved the afterward, from her husband’s point of view. It was really the perfect ending. If you have anything unpleasant to accomplish, or a multitude of dental appointments, this audiobook will distract you from all of that misery.” – Audrey, Belmont Books


By David Sedaris. Read by the author.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Sedaris reading his own stories is a true treasure. He’s a master storyteller and hearing him tell his stories adds an extra layer of delight. His pauses and inflections make each story that much more hilarious or profound. Sedaris’ brand of humor and his willingness to share candid, sometimes cringy, details of his life, keep me coming back for more. This is Sedaris at his best.” – Karen, Tattered Cover

How to Be Perfect

By Michael Schur. Read by the author with a full cast.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Curiosity to Hilarity to Thoughtfulness and all around. Michael Schur’s How to Be Perfect as read by himself was fascinating and laugh-inducing. I appreciate his due diligence to be real in creating the absurd world of a tv show. The ‘notes’ Michael offers are like sprinkles on ice cream, thoughts made even more memorable with humor. And some ‘hard’ interpretative info on philosophers including Aristotle, Neitzche, Wittgenstein, T.M. Scanlon, Kant and others. Brilliant for me! Oh, and the author’s voice is just fine as reader.” – Kathleen, Roundabout Books

Is this Anything?

By Jerry Seinfeld. Read by the author.

Bookseller recommendation:

“My husband and I have had the pleasure of seeing Jerry Seinfeld live on two occasions. Obviously, we are big fans. When I learned that Seinfeld was releasing his book at the same time as a cross-country road trip that we had planned, I was ecstatic. Jerry did not let us down. The miles flew by quickly as we laughed our way through Connecticut. I highly recommend this book – especially if you are planning a road trip during the holidays.” – Melinda, Buttonwood Books and Toys

Lessons in Chemistry

By Bonnie Garmus. Read by Miranda Raison, Bonnie Garmus & Pandora Sykes.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Loved this book! I laughed out loud, I cried, and it made my blood boil. Elizabeth Zott is one of a kind. I wish she was real and I could travel back in time to watch Supper at Six! Expertly narrated by Miranda Raison.” – Kristine, Buttonwood Books and Toys

Nothing to See Here

By Kevin Wilson. Read by Marin Ireland.

Bookseller recommendation:

“This book was meant to be heard! Wilson creates a narrative in a world so sarcastic and colorful that I would taste cherry cool-aid long after I stopped reading. Flash to me doubled over in my car laughing or sobbing or both at the same time. I actually started to look forward to my hour-long commute every morning just so I could spend time with these characters… I also might have adopted a sassy southern accent for a good twenty minutes post-listening. I adore this book with all my heart.” – Conner, BookBar

Shit, Actually

By Lindy West. Read by the author.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Lindy West makes true observations about movies in ways that will make you laugh out loud, and cause you to re-think some of your 90s/00s favorite films! Her witty commentary is what we all NEED in this post 2020 world, even if you have not seen the films. It’s written by someone smart and hilarious who has strong opinions about things that don’t matter. The PERFECT road trip audiobook, listeners can come in and out without losing place in the book.” – Emma, Content

The Wreckage of My Presence

By Casey Wilson. Read by the author.

Bookseller recommendation:

“I laughed aloud at so many parts of this audiobook which was expertly narrated by the author herself. It is so fun to listen to a book narrated by the author, especially if that author is a comedian. Casey Wilson is absolutely insane and I love it. While some parts of this book resonated with me, other parts of it were crazy a.f. but Wilson owns that and I love her confidence and her vulnerability. I was especially in love with the Happy Endings tidbits (BRING IT BACK!) and Casey’s ridiculous dos and don’ts list which hit me at my core.” – Kimi, Buttonwood Books and Toys


By John Hodgman. Read by the author.

Bookseller recommendation:

“If you’re already a fan of John Hodgman, then you know what to expect from Vacationland: wit that veers from gentle to biting, poignancy and hilarity, clear-eyed self-examination, peevishness and compassion. If you’re new to his work, then you’re in for a treat. Hodgman’s newest book, based on material from his comedy tour of the same name, is hilarious, heartbreaking and charming. And the audiobook is an extra treat. Hodgman knows when he’s being funny and when he’s not, and his delivery and comic timing is never lacking. Enjoy Vacationland on your next road trip!” – Emily, Inklings Bookshop

What If? 2

By Randall Munroe. Read by Wil Wheaton.

Bookseller recommendation:

“I literally burst out laughing often, and there were innumerable bits I shared with hubs. But what’s more, when Wil Wheaton was finally able to share that he was once again reading the audiobook, I commented delightedly AND he wrote back *to me*, sharing that while most of the images weren’t translated to audio, one made him laugh so hard that he put several minutes into describing it for the audiobook. A delightful foray into absurd levels of science.” – Lisa, Bookmarks


By Seth Rogen

Bookseller recommendation:

“So funny. I couldn’t stop listening until I had heard all of his anecdotes. Loved it.” – Lisa, Pixie Hollow

What are your picks for the funniest audiobooks? Let me know in the comments section below!

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