14 of the Best Romantic Comedy Audiobooks for Valentine’s Day

Romantic comedy audiobooks are a fantastic way to escape into a fun and engaging story. The best rom-com audiobooks are filled with witty banter, quirky characters, and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. And when you have talented voice actors to bring these characters to life, there is an extra layer of enjoyment added to the experience.

With the help of Libro.fm and their community of independent bookstores, I’ve selected 14 of the best romantic audiobooks. Not familiar with Libro.fm? It’s actually one of my favorite audiobook services because, among other things, it splits its profits with independent bookstores (read my Libro.fm review). So why not settle in, put on your headphones, and let yourself be swept away by the magic of a great love story?

Thank You For Listening

Written by Julia Whelan. Read by the author.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Julia Whelan is the Meryl Streep of audio so it’s no surprise that her sophomore novel is feast for the ears. It’s meta. The characters are audiobook narrators finding themselves in trope after trope but fighting against it. It’ll make you swoon. It’ll make you cry. It will definitely make you laugh.” – Lissa, Book Club

Book Lovers

Written by Emily Henry. Read by Julia Whelan.

Bookseller recommendation:

Book Lovers by Emily Henry is a top notch romance novel! It was a fun listen- slow burn, miscommunication, light family drama, possible but unlikely situations, and all the happy endings we want and expect! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters and settings in this story. It took me away from my life and into Nora Stevens life!” – Anne, Cherry Street Books

Take a Hint, Dani Brown

Written by Talia Hibbert. Read by Ione Butler.

Bookseller recommendation:

Take a Hint, Dani Brown is a heartwarming romance that shines a light in dark times. Talia Hibbert normalizes quirks, coping mechanisms, and other human conditions that can get glossed over in a happily ever after. She makes it clear that verbalizing needs, sharing them with a loved one, and having them accepted is the true meaning of love. The depth of the characters and their struggles to come together are wonderfully balanced with charm, humor, and a large dollop of sarcasm. Take a Hint, Dani Brown is a delight.” – Julie Karaganis, Copper Dog Books

The Love Hypothesis

Written by Ali Hazelwood. Read by Callie Dalton & Teddy Hamilton.

Bookseller recommendation:

“There are some laugh-out-loud moments in this book, highlighted by tone-perfect narration. Olive is endearing and bumbling and just…she just tries so dang hard. A well-earned romance through and through.” – Jenny, Page 158 Books

The Dead Romantics

Written by Ashley Poston. Read by Eileen Stevens.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Great premise with real poignancy, laugh out loud moments, and an original plot. This one channels TJ Klune and Younger, the tv series. Very entertaining!! Really wonderful narration for audio edition.” – Lindalu, Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore

Kiss Her Once for Me

Written by Alison Cochrun. Read by Natalie Naudus.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Love can be a messy affair, especially when you agree to fake marry an attractive man for money and have to spend the holidays with his family, not knowing that his sister is your ex and the sister’s best friend was your fiance’s ex. Oh boy! Love is in the air, holiday traditions are everywhere, and everyone is a bit of a mess. This is a fun holiday romance with a love trapezoid, magical snow days, a welcoming family, and an arrangement gone wrong. I loved every one of the Kim-Prescotts! This was a fun audiobook to listen to from Libro.fm!” – Anna Rose, The Well-Read Moose

Red, White & Royal Blue

Written by Casey McQuiston. Read by Ramon de Ocampo.

Bookseller recommendation:

“To everyone who started telling me to read this book a year ago, I’m sorry. You were right – I loved it, unequivocally. The romance was sweet and gentle and real. But the humor put it over the top for me. I needed to laugh like that, desperately. And I did, a lot. A whole lot. But I also cried – because this book is pure, wholesome, and hopeful, even when it dipped into the darker places (with so much grace). Red, White, & Royal Blue gave my heart wings, and I’m still soaring. So to everyone who’s still hesitant, don’t be me – get on this train ASAP.” – Britt, Second Star to the Right

The Ex Hex

Written by Erin Sterling. Read by Caitlin Davies.

Bookseller recommendation:

“A witchy good time – I almost wished it was longer. This is a perfect rom-com with an incredibly fun dash of witchery, drunken hexes, regrettable exes, and so much more. An average young break up is not-so-average when they’re both witches. One ill-advised drunken hex later, and everything goes haywire when the two jilted lovers are brought back into each other’s lives. This was the perfect audiobook to DEVOUR. You’ll love the whole cast of characters!” – Rebecca, Volumes Bookcafe

Meet Me in the Margins

Written by Melissa Ferguson. Read by Talon David.

Bookseller recommendation:

Meet Me in the Margins is an adorable and bookish love story. The ‘mystery editor’ setup is funny and incredibly sweet, and Savannah’s motivations as an author seem meta in the best way. Totally clean, this one makes for a great audiobook.” – Kaley, Quail Ridge Books

The Worst Best Man

Written by Mia Sosa. Read by Rebecca Mozo & Wayne Mitchell.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Wedding planner Lina is a master at planning everything, except the moment when she’s left at the altar by her fiance. Fast forward to an important job interview when she’s forced to work with Max, her ex-fiance’s brother who may have broken them up. An ultimate enemies-to-lovers journey, this was an overall delightful read. The characters were especially dynamic, showing growth and development. The audiobook was an especially fun listen, with dual narrators really bringing the story to life.” – Chelsea, Parnassus Books

Mistakes Were Made

Written by Meryl Wilsner. Read by Quinn Riley & Stephanie Németh-Parker.

Bookseller recommendation:

“A perfectly balanced rom-com that’ll have you laughing one moment and feeling anxious the next. Great characters you can’t help but love and cheer for even when they are making mistakes. The author did a fantastic job of providing us with steamy romance as well as sweet and heartfelt moments. Once you start this book, you will not want to stop until the end.” – Alisha, Reverie Books

You Had Me at Hola

Written by Alexis Daria. Read by Seraphine Valentine.

Bookseller recommendation:

“You know the kind of stories that wrap you up in a fuzzy blanket and make all your troubles fade into the background? Yeah, this is one of those. You Had Me at Hola is fun, sweet, funny, at times downright adorable, and also steamy. Because really, any romance that begins with a snarky coffee spill meet cute is sure to have plenty more perfection in store. Can we talk about how wonderful it is to see mainstream telenovela portrayal and destigmatization? And intimacy coordinators? Daria crafts beautiful, complex characters (Ashton’s son made me melt), whose motivations extend far beyond wooing each other, thereby lending credibility to their actions, with conversations surrounding what it means to trust someone, and balancing privacy in a public world, somehow adding to the swoon.” – Britt, Second Star to the Right

Fix Her Up

Written by Tessa Bailey. Read by Charlotte North.

Bookseller recommendation:

“This was a fun rom-com, and great on audio. Laugh out loud funny. I would caution that is is definitely R-rated for our more faint of heart customers.” – Jessica, Main Street Books Davidson

A Proposal They Can’t Refuse

Written by Natalie Caña. Read by Valentina Ortiz.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Puerto-Rican chef Kamilah and Irish distiller Liam, once childhood friends-turned enemies, are forced to fake an engagement to appease the fates, otherwise known as their cunning, geriatric grandfathers. Featuring a boisterous family, detailed descriptions of whiskey, and sexy tension between the two leads, Natalie Caña establishes herself as an exciting new voice in literary rom-coms.” – Sofia, Phoenix Books

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