Tough Sh*t Audiobook by Kevin Smith

tough shit audiobook

What’s it about?

Kevin Smith describes himself as a “fat, lazy slob who did good”. This good includes changing film-making forever at the age of twenty-three with Clerks, a number of other films such as Chasing Amy and Dogma (and some other not-so-good films…), owning a comic book store, building a podcasting empire and marrying a woman he claims is way out of his league.

Tough Sh*t is essentially a collection of stories from Kevin’s life and how they shaped the man he became. These include the death of his father and the infamous incident where he got thrown off a plane for allegedly being “too fat to fly”. The stories are usually filled with humor and perversity but always end with a touching note, a lot like his movies.

Is the narrator any good?

Kevin reads the audio version of Tough Sh*t himself and does it well. He includes a number of asides which are a nice touch.

The verdict? 

I really enjoyed this audiobook – Kevin Smith is an interesting guy and I loved hearing the insider stories of Hollywood. He is also very funny, although his humor can be base and vulgar (consider yourself warned). Overall, a very entertaining listen.

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