What the Dog Saw Audiobook by Malcolm Gladwell

What the Dog Saw audiobook

What’s it about?

Malcolm Gladwell has been a staff writer with The New Yorker magazine since 1996. What the Dog Saw is a compilation of the very best and most famous of Gladwell’s essays for the magazine. Gladwell’s curiosity leads him to explore the following subjects: why there are so many different kinds of mustard but only one kind of ketchup; how we hire when we can’t tell who’s right for the job; the reasons why homelessness might be easier to solve than manage; why employers love personality tests; how Ivy League admissions work; the saga of the quest to invent the perfect cookie; and hair dye and the hidden history of postwar America.

Is the narrator any good?

Malcolm Gladwell is great reading his own book. His voice is easy to listen to and he makes you like you’re listening to an interesting conversation rather than a straight recitation of the book.

The verdict?

Fans of Malcolm Gladwell will enjoy What the Dog Saw. As always the man has an amazing ability to make the mundane interesting. That being said, I didn’t find listening to the audiobook of What the Dog Saw to be quite as powerful as his previous works (The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers), so if you have never listened to Gladwell before I recommend you start with them.

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