Yoto Player Review: the Fun-Filled Cube Bringing Stories to Life

Our Yoto journey began when my little girl became more interested in books and stories and we wanted an exciting but child-friendly way to inspire her budding love of literature. We have plenty of books and have watched several cinematic fairy tale retellings, so began looking into other options that were preferably screen-free. After much research, we received the Yoto player as a present from the grandparents and have found it is the gift that keeps on giving. This Yoto Player review is written to help you decide if this audio player is right for your family!

Yoto Player Review

What is the Yoto Player?

The Yoto Player is a wireless audio device that is specially designed with kids in mind. Mostly used for playing audiobooks with cards that slot into the top, the Yoto can also play meditations, soundscapes, and a daily child-friendly podcast to name just a few audible wonders. The buttons are robust and simple for little hands to control, and the player itself is light yet sturdy enough for car trips and potential knocks in the playroom.

Not just an ordinary speaker, the Yoto has a pixelated display that changes to match the theme or story being played. The Yoto app enables you to customize your Yoto experience and explore audio extras such as free chapters. A Yoto will set you back around $100 but with a mini version available there is a player for every budget. Watch this short video to see how the Yoto Player works:

What I like about the Yoto:

  • It’s not just about the audiobooks. There are meditations, jokes, recipes, soundscapes, and even a radio station. Whatever the purpose or occasion, Yoto will have an audible accompaniment. Our favorites include lullabies before bed and Christmas soundscapes to help us feel festive in the build-up to the big day.
  • The app. This really gives you ownership of the Yoto. You receive a digital copy of a card to match the physical counterparts and you can personalize and control your Yoto too. From simple things such as adjusting the volume to choosing your preferred color and brightness for the nightlight feature, you make the Yoto fit with your needs.
  • Nightlight and clock. When the Yoto is placed on its front, it enters ‘nightlight mode’. We regularly use this in conjunction with the clock display. You can set your preferences for the display to show day or night to help youngsters know if it’s still bedtime or if it’s morning.
  • Choice of cards. The Yoto audiobook library has a huge range for various ages. From fairytales to Roald Dahl and Disney classics, the content is constantly being updated so you will always have options. We have found the curated collections such as ‘Bedtime Stories for 3-year-olds’ to be most successful with our child as they are short stories to help maintain interest.
  • Grows with the child. I considered opting for a Tonies box but was put off by the novelty of the figures that are used to activate books. A sweet idea but I could see this novelty wearing off as children get older, so the Yoto seems a wiser financial investment.

What could be better:

  • Protecting the Yoto is a luxury, not a necessity. If you want to give your Yoto extra protection, you can invest in an ‘adventure jacket’ which is essentially a silicone case you pop over the player. They come in a range of colors and certainly give peace of mind – but cost around $30. It seems a shame that for an item likely to receive a lot of wear and tear, this reassurance isn’t more affordable.
  • The speaker quality isn’t amazing. Does the job well for bedtime stories and playroom fun but if you hope to use it for larger, noisy gatherings it won’t be ideal.

How I use it:

We use our Yoto player mostly to aid bedtime. We often play an audiobook and listen together as a family before using it as a nightlight and sleep training clock. We also enjoy using our ‘Sleep Sounds’ card to provide background noise which my child prefers to have as she sleeps. It’s also handy for screen-free entertainment in the car and when going on holiday so I don’t need to bring a bag of heavy books.


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