A Game of Thrones Audiobook by George R.R. Martin

game of thrones audiobook

What’s it about?

George R.R. Martin has crafted a unique and relatable world to place the exquisite characters he creates in A Game of Thrones. The land of Westeros is reminiscent of medieval Europe with a few unusual twists; the seasons of summer and winter last for a decade or more and mythical creatures like dire wolves and dragons roam the land. A Game of Thrones follows three separate storylines in three different geographical locations.

In the North of the Seven Kingdoms Eddard Stark is the lord of Winterfell and strives to govern his land with a stern, but just hand. He struggles to teach his heir, Robb, to be an honorable leader and set an example for his other five children. When a dead mother dire wolf is found, and her six puppies are adopted by each of his children, Eddard Stark realizes that the motto of his house is becoming a reality. Winter is coming.

To the North of Winterfell, a giant wall of ice exists to protect the people of the seven kingdoms from the Barbarian “Wildlings” and other Northern threats. Eddard Stark’s bastard son Jon leaves his family to join the Watch on the Wall, and discovers a deadly threat to the safety of the entire Seven Kingdoms.

In the East, an exiled prince plots his return to the Westeros. He is slowly gathering every tool at his disposal to return to his murdered father’s seat and reclaim the Iron Throne that is rightfully his. Prince Viserys and his younger sister Daenerys make allegiance with a powerful, nomadic tribe of mounted warriors in an effort to begin building an army.

With threats mounting from the North and the East, the Stark family must decide with whom their allegiance lies as the struggle for the Iron Throne begins. George R.R. Martin’s characters will completely consume you as you watch them mature and grow through the series.

Is the narrator any good?

Because A Game of Thrones is filled with such a rich and diverse cast of characters, a talented and adaptable narrator is required to portray the many personalities. Roy Dotrice brings each character to life and makes them instantly recognizable by their accent, or the cadence of their voice. He is consistent throughout the entire audiobook and makes each of his characters distinct.

The verdict?

The plot of A Game of Thrones is so unique and unpredictable that it captivates the listener from the first chapter through to the last. Pairing Roy Dotrice’s excellent performance with George R.R. Martin’s fantastic writing creates a listening experience in the A Games of Thrones audiobook that you can lose yourself in whether you’re stuck in gridlock, or on a 12-hour flight. I couldn’t stop listening to this audiobook and was so relieved that there were five more books in the series, as I didn’t want it to end. Whether or not you are a fan of epic fantasy, I highly recommend this audiobook.

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