Steve Jobs Audiobook by Walter Isaacson

steve jobs audiobook

What’s it about?

This is a unique insight into the life and thinking of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the man who gave us the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Pixar, and in doing so he revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing.

Walter Isaacson conducted more than 40 interviews with Jobs over two years — as well as 100+ interviews with Jobs’ family members, key colleagues from Apple, and its competitors — and the result is an extraordinary and definitive account of arguably the greatest innovator of his generation.

Is the narrator any good?

Dylan Baker gives a solid, professional reading of this book and his voice is well suited to the subject.

The verdict?

Steve Jobs was a complex individual, and Walter Isaacson has done a brilliant job of capturing his essence (warts and all). While listening to the Steve Jobs audiobook I would one moment be enthralled with his creative genius, the next horrified with how much of a jerk he could be to his colleagues and even his family. But love him or hate him, there is no doubt the story of Steve Jobs is fascinating.

Tied in with this story are many thought-provoking themes: open vs. closed systems, engineering vs. art, family vs. work. There are also many business lessons:  focus on the product; make the product simple to use; focus on excellence at every turn, and be one or two steps ahead of the competition.

In summary, this is a compelling portrait of a flawed genius. I highly recommend this audiobook.

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