Audible Annual Membership: The Best Audible Deal? (2024)

Whether you’re currently an Audible member or are looking to sign up for the service, the Audible annual membership is a fantastic way to save money. In this guide, we review what the Audible yearly subscription includes, how it compares to other Audible plans, and how to either get or change to this Audible annual plan. Lastly, we look at some ways an additional discount on the annual membership may be available with either an Audible sale or cancellation offer.

Audible Annual Membership

What does the Audible annual membership include?

The Audible annual membership includes:

  • 12 audiobook credits upfront. 1 credit is good for any audiobook regardless of price.
  • Access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible Originals in the Audible Plus Catalog.
  • Easy exchanges – if you’re not loving your purchased listen, simply return the Audible book for another.
  • No wasted credits – keep hold of your monthly credits for up to a year.
  • 30% discount off additional audiobooks.
  • Exclusive Audible sales and deals.
  • No commitments. Cancel anytime.

Learn more: click here to visit Audible and learn more about Audible annual membership.

Is the Audible annual plan the best Audible deal?

The following is a summary of the cost of the most popular Audible plans:

PlanCost# of CreditsCost Per Credit
Audible Plus$7.95 per monthNo creditsN/A
Audible Premium Plus$14.95 per month1 per month$14.95
Audible Premium Plus Annual – 12 credits$149.50 per year12 per year$12.49

As seen in the table above, if you want to listen to premium titles you can get the best discount on Audible with the annual plan. By prepaying for your credits with the Audible yearly subscription you save $2.46 per credit or $29.90 per year vs. the Audible Premium Plus monthly plan!

Click here to sign up for the Audible yearly subscription.

How do I change my Audible membership to annual?

You can change your Audible membership by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Account Details page on the Audible website.
  2. Click Switch Membership.
  3. Find the Audible Premium Plus Annual—12 Credits plan and click Select this plan.

As you can see, Audible may even offer you additional savings by switching to the annual plan.

Another sneaky way to get a deal on the Audible annual membership is to go through the Audible cancellation process (without actually canceling) and click “Too expensive” as the reason for canceling. We’ve written about this process here: How to Cancel Audible. As seen in the below screenshot, Audible will usually try to retain your business by offering you the discounted Audible annual plan:

audible cancel offer

Is there an Audible sale on the annual membership?

Several times during the year (e.g. Black Friday) there will be a sale on the Audible annual membership plan. During the last sale, you could get 12 audiobooks upfront for just $99.50. This worked out to be a saving of $50 from the regular price of $149.50 per year.

We track current Audible sales and are not currently aware of the annual membership being on sale. However, to be sure you may wish to check the following page on Audible to see if they are currently offering a discount: Audible annual membership sale page.

Click here to sign up for the Audible annual membership.

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