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    1. I have a problem that relates to switching or redirecting my account from Audible.com (USA) automatically to Audible .com au (Australia)
      I have dealt with USA since inception and have purchased hundreds of titles. I automatically accrue 1 new credit per month. no problem.
      However, every time I want to sign in it automatically switches me to the .au Australian company. This company despite many pleadings on my part to cancel my account continue to load 2 new $14.95 credits a month on my account.
      I do not want to do business with the .au company. They are (or were) way behind in title selections and it is ridiculous to be charged for credits I have not authorized.
      The search engine automatically states in a banner that I have been switched from ,com USA to .com AU based on my location. This is very wrong and more than frustrating. They do not appear to be the same company but a franchised or other entity.
      Is there ay way I can fix this? I have tried, but no avail. My conversations with .AU in the past have been very disturbing, with their seeming to not understand my concerns etc.
      What to do?

  1. There is another option, which might be helpful for some people. I went to cancel my account and when asked for a reason chose “I’m trying to reduce expenses.” The first offer they had was to half my subscription for 3 months. I hit “continue cancelling.” The next offer was for $9.95 for the whole year, which would allow me to keep up to 36 credits for the whole year for the one-time fee. The plan is called AudibleListenerLight.

    1. Can I just make sure, you mean you can keep the credits you already had paid for? If it was 36 new credits for $9.95 that would be an awesome deal!!

  2. THANK YOU!- After trawling endlessly through websites saying that it was impossible to end this subscription… Finally an answer. Simple, clear and concise.

  3. Thank you so much.

    I wanted to put my account on hold but the page saying I’d lose my credits kept scaring me from going further.

  4. Thanks!

    I got $20 to stay after choosed cancel and to many credits. After that I could put the account on hold for 90 days

  5. Thanks! I just got half off my next 3 months. It was a bit scary clicking continue when it was warning me of losing my credits, but sure enough, they bribed me to stay! That just saved me $22.50 over the next 3 months! WOHOO!

  6. I just breezed through the ‘cancel’ process, assuming i’d be suspending the account as I have before. Got to the end and ‘boom’ account was canceled and credits are GONE. Never saw option to suspend for 90 days. Nice of Audible to keep changing things up. Never seen such a high profile company treat their subscribers with such contempt.

    1. I’m guessing you didn’t get the option to suspend because you have previously done so in the past. That sucks though… suggest you contact Audible customer support to see if they can do anything.

  7. audible have changed their website and they no longer have the cancel membership button at the bottom left. i have seen some people saying that they purposely hide this button so no one will cancel their membership which is a big problem for me because i am on a very tight budget and i honestly cannot afford to have a membership anymore. I have tried calling the international call line but it says the number is inactive. please help

  8. I did the cost was to expensive option. I was afraid I’d lose the 3 credits I had so I spent them before I did this. Well I was offered the 9.95 a year with 50% off coupons through out the year and you don’t lose your credits. So I did that but what it failed to say is that you can’t do returns like under the other plans. So I went to customer service chat option to see what we could do.

    Turns out they have a Silver plan not on the site. Its 14 dollars, every OTHER month. This gives you 1 credit every other month and you can stock up to six. If you find yourself holding credits then having to spend on books you don’t really want, this seems a good way to go.

    Also I was told if you lose credits, like you have 8 but your account only allows 6, if you contact customer service, they can reinstate your lost credits.

    Hope this info is useful to someone. 🙂

  9. FYI, looks like you can only suspend your account once. I had suspended my account once before, and when I tried it again just now I got “Sorry, you can only accept this offer once. If you have any questions please contact Customer Care at (888) 283-5051. We are available all day, everyday.”

  10. I just called audible to put my account on hold after they had told me they were canceling for lack of payment (Credit card no longer valid). They told me they would let me roll over only six “points”. I have been paying for a gold membership since November 2012. I have received four books. I thought I was accumulating them and I would read them in my retirement. Too bad for me. Audible stinks.

  11. Willis Jackson

    Thank you for this! They certainly are insidious in their ways to try and keep people paying…I needed a little break in paying them, but didn’t want to lose my credits…this was perfect 🙂

  12. This is exactly what I needed to read to learn about this stuff. Thank you so much for writing this up. You’re my hero of the hour. ^_^

  13. Tnx for your help! It still works. I do think it is not right of audible to take away your credits when canceling your subscription.

  14. It looks like this article was posted a few years ago, so I thought it would be helpful to confirm that this method *definitely still works,*

    I’m now happily on hold with Audible. Thank you!

  15. Yep … November 14 of 2015 … just got $20 to hold onto my gold account as I checked that I have too many credits that I don’t use. Thanks for the tip! 🙂 Martha

  16. This was the perfect solution to my problem – didn’t want to lose my credits but wasn’t able to keep up with listening to them! Putting it on hold was perfect – thanks for the helpful article!

  17. Just another update: still works as of today. Selected the “I get too many credits” reason, got the $20 offer, took that, then went right back and selected the same reason, was offered the 90-day suspension, and took that.
    Thanks so much for posting this!

  18. Very interesting to read these comments . I have been too busy to go to Audible and choose titles for my 4 credits . when I went to log in today I found that everything except my login had been wiped -my library , my credits, even my gold membership. Yet I am still paying their monthly fee. So I have emiled them to ask them to sort it. It says on Amazon that I have 4 credits so if I have no luck I’ll try to buy through that site- then might try to cancel it -although that “light” subscription sounds great.

  19. Thank you for this, and thanks to Mike two posts up for pointing out the changes to the layout since this article was written. I did the same think Mike did, first I took the $20 credit, then I went right back and cancelled again for “too many credits” and got the 90 day hold.

  20. If you have you canceled the membership the credits are now gone. Contact Audible (I did so by using chat)
    Audible will need to enroll you again into a membership plan, so they can give you the credits back and then place your account on hold.
    In the chat, I was offered a free trial and then they would place my account on hold for 2 months. So, I got all my credits back and one free credit and for 3 months there is no membership fee.

  21. I just tried to cancel mine when it gave me opinions why I wanted to cancel I wrote that money was right right now and that was only reason then I cliccked on to cancel and it gave me 3 opinions 1 out of on hold 2 offer me same deal that I have 3 give me 1 free credit to stay with them. I couldn’t pass up the free credit

  22. Re: “Audible only allows placing accounts on hold one time”

    Copied 08/20/2016 from Audible: Monthly Audible membership plans can be placed on hold once every 12 months for a duration of up to three months. During this time you will not be billed your monthly membership fee. To place your account on hold, please contact Customer Care.

  23. Thank you! I thought I might lose all my existing books plus I didn’t really want to cancel – just put my account on hold. Wonderful suggestions.

  24. Thank you for all of the tips!
    I was still hesitant, afraid I would lose my accumulated credits as a few people did, so I sent an email to audible asking how to suspend without losing credits. Within seconds I received an email (which ended up in my spam box….so if you are going the email route…..make sure to check it. ) The email simply said that my membership would be put on hold for 90 days, that I could continue to use my accumulated credits, and membership would resume after t he 90 days.
    I am definitely going to ask about the Silver membership once my account is active again!

    Happy holidays to all!

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