How to Get the Secret Audible Silver Plan

What is the Audible Silver Plan? Most people have not heard of this monthly plan because it is not advertised or readily offered as a membership option by Audible. In this guide, we cover what the Audible Silver Plan includes, how to get this membership option, and why it might be worth it for you.

***Update 2021: with the recent launch of two new Audible membership plans – Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus – we have confirmed the Audible Silver Plan is still available. However, while the plan still might suit some listeners, the plan does not offer the value it previously did (details below).

Audible Silver Plan Details

What is the Audible Silver Plan?

Audible Silver Plan

The Audible Silver Plan includes one credit every other month to pick any title from the entire Audible premium selection to keep.

Previously, the Audible Silver Plan offered the full benefits of the Audible Premium plan while being half the cost, making the plan incredible value. However, recently we noticed these benefits – including access to the Audible Plus catalog – have been removed.

How to get the Audible Silver Plan?

There was a time when the only way to get the Audible Silver membership was to contact Audible Customer Service and ask for it. While you can still do this, Audible is currently offering the Silver Plan as an option online. You can change your Audible membership plan to Silver by visiting the Account Details page and clicking Switch Membership.

You will then see the Audible Membership Plan options, including the Silver Plan:

audible member plans

Once you select the Silver Plan, you’ll have to confirm the change. Then you’re finished!

In the case that you don’t see the Audible Silver Plan as a membership option, you can contact Audible Customer Service and ask for it. While this isn’t as convenient as switching your membership plan online, there are multiple contact options – chat, phone, and email – which means the process should be fairly easy.

Is the Audible Silver Plan worth it?

While the Audible Silver Plan does not offer the value it once did, it is still might be worth it for you depending on your listening habits and preferences. The Audible Silver Plan will be a good option if you:

  • Enjoy Premium titles (bestsellers, new releases, etc.) not offered by Audible Plus.
  • Have accumulated Audible credits and don’t want one credit every month (another option is to pause Audible).
  • Are an occasional audiobook listener so one credit every other month is sufficient.
  • Use another audiobook service (see our article 5 Best Alternatives to Audible).

Have you switched to the Audible Silver Plan? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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