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marvel audiobooks

Last year, Dreamscape Media and Marvel Entertainment announced a partnership to turn some of Marvel’s best known comic books into audiobooks, including Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, and X-Men. Now, 35 Marvel comics are available, with 10 more planned for release throughout 2020.

The full collection of titles can be accessed via Hoopla Digital (note: you’ll need a valid library card) or purchased wherever audiobooks are sold, including Apple Books via a new Marvel Apple Store Front, Amazon, Audible, and Google.

Below you’ll find the full list of Marvel audiobooks, including release dates for upcoming titles.

Marvel Audiobooks List

Spider-Man: The Darkest HoursJim ButcherJack MelocheNow
Iron Man: Steel TerrorDean Wesley SmithJames Patrick CroninNow
The Ultimate Spider-ManStan Lee (editor)Thom RiveraNow
The Ultimate X-MenStan Lee (editor)Thom RiveraNow
Civil WarStuart MooreRichard RohanNow
Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last HuntNeil KleidRichard RohanNow
X-Men: Days of Future PastAlexander IrvineRichard RohanNow
Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No NormalG. Willow WilsonShanta ParasuramanNow
Spider-Man: The Gathering of the Sinister SixAdam-Troy CastroTim PaigeNow
New Avengers: BreakoutAlisa KwitneyRichard RohanNow
Spider-Man: Drowned in ThunderChristopher L. BennettRichard RohanNow
Daredevil: Guardian DevilKevin SmithJonathan FeuerNow
Generation XScott Lobdell, Elliot S. MagginTara SandsNow
Spider-Man: Carnage in New YorkDavid Michelinie, Dean Wesley SmithTim PaigeNow
Spider-Man: The Octopus AgendaDiane Duane1/28/2020
The Avengers: Everybody Wants to Rule the WorldDan AbnettRichard RohanNow
The Death of Captain AmericaLarry HamaRichard RohanNow
Ms. Marvel Vol. 2: Generation WhyG. Willow WilsonShanta ParasuramanNow
Captain America: Liberty’s TorchT. IsabellaGeorge NewbernNow
Iron Man: Operation A.I.M.Greg CoxJames Patrick CroninNow
Captain America: Dark DesignStefan PetruchaRichard RohanNow
The Ultimates: Against All EnemiesAlex IrvineRichard RohanNow
The Ultimates: Tomorrow MenMichael Jan FriedmanRichard RohanNow
Iron Man: The Armor TrapGreg CoxJames Patrick CroninNow
The Incredible Hulk: AbominationsJason HendersonJeffrey KaferNow
Spider-Man: Valley of the LizardJohn Vornholt1/28/2020
The Amazing Spider-Man: Mayhem in ManhattanLen Wein, Marv WolfmanTristan WrightNow
Untold Tales of Spider-ManStan Lee, Kurt Busiek (editors)David DeSantosNow
X-Men: Empire’s EndDiane Duane2/18/2020
Spider-Man: Wanted Dead or AliveCraig Shaw Gardner3/10/2020
The Incredible Hulk: What Savage BeastPeter David3/31/2020
Ant Man: Natural EnemyJason StarrRichard RohanNow
Astonishing X-Men: GiftedPeter DavidRichard RohanNow
Daredevil: The Man Without FearPaul CrilleyRichard RohanNow
Deadpool: PawsStefan PetruchaMichael John CaseyNow
Doctor Strange: The Fate of DreamsDevin GraysonRichard RohanNow
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon and Groot Steal the Galaxy!Dan AbnettRichard RohanNow
X-Men: Codename WolverineChristopher Golden3/17/2020
X-Men: Mutant Empire Book One: SiegeChristopher Golden4/7/2020
Daredevil: Predator’s SmileChristopher GoldenDion GrahamNow
The Ultimate Super-VillainsStan Lee (editor)3/24/2020
X-Men: Mutant Empire Book Three: SalvationChristopher Golden4/21/2020
X-Men: Mutant Empire Book Two: SanctuaryChristopher Golden4/14/2020
Iron Man: ExtremisMarie JavinsRichard RohanNow
Marvel Super Heroes: Secret WarsAlex IrvineRichard RohanNow

Marvel Podcasts

These audiobooks join a growing number of Marvel podcasts, including ones that were announced under a deal with Pandora/SiriusXM late last year. These podcasts are free to stream and, in many cases, still in the pipeline for release.

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