7 Best Thriller Audiobooks to Get Your Heart Pumping

Thrillers provide a way to escape into an exciting story, full of suspense, tension, and mystery. With their fast-paced action, suspenseful plots, and unexpected twists and turns, the best thriller audiobooks will keep you engaged and entertained, making them the perfect companion for a long commute, a workout, or even just unwinding at home after a long day.

With the help of Libro.fm and their community of independent bookstores, I’ve selected seven of the best thriller audiobooks worth listening to in 2024. Not familiar with Libro.fm? It’s actually one of my favorite audiobook services because, among other things, it splits its profits with independent bookstores (read my Libro.fm review).

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of thrillers or new to the genre, there’s an audiobook in this collection for you. These picks include hot new releases and favorites from recent years. So, grab your headphones and get ready for a heart-pumping ride!

Murder Your Employer

By Rupert Holmes. Read by Neil Patrick Harris & Simon Vance.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Wickedly funny is the perfect description for this comedic thriller from Edgar Award-winning author Rupert Holmes. Wicked, because, the premise of this novel is the existence of a secret school dedicated to learning how to commit the perfect murder. Funny, because this novel is filled with word play, dry humor, witty twists, and characters you love – and characters you love to hate. Narrated with British reserve by voice artist Simon Vance (nominated for more Audie awards than any other narrator), and fantastic actor Neil Patrick Harris. A perfect listen when you want something that brightens your day – in a darkly funny way.” – Claire, Honest Dog Books

The London Séance Society

By Sarah Penner. Read by Lauren Irwin & Alex Wyndham.

Bookseller recommendation:

The London Séance Society proves that the sophomore novel can be just as explosive as the first! Penner weaves readers through the dark, mysterious streets of Paris and London in a fast-paced thrill ride. This book is a perfect escape!” – Kelsey Jagneaux, Tombolo Books

The Writing Retreat

By Julia Bartz. Read by Gail Shalan.

Bookseller recommendation:

“This story takes ‘never meet your heroes’ to a whole new level. I loved the use of tension in the book, and how the author played with supernatural elements while still keeping the story grounded in reality. Twisty, dark, and even fun!” – Ann Branson, Beach Books

The Silent Patient

By Alex Michaelides. Read by Jack Hawkins & Louise Brealey.

Bookseller recommendation:

The Silent Patient is an outstanding thriller centered on a spellbinding mystery with a shocking twist; in other words, you are going to love this book. Alicia was a talented painter and devoted wife until the night she was discovered still as a statue and covered in blood, having apparently killed her husband. The answer as to why has remained locked inside of Alicia, who stops speaking following the murder. Six years later, Theo, a young psychologist, is determined to get the mysterious Alicia to spill all of her secrets. The final surprise will have you rethinking every riveting scene in this brilliant debut.” – Luisa Smith, Book Passage

A Flicker in the Dark

By Stacy Willingham. Read by Karissa Vacker.

Bookseller recommendation:

“This is the new Gillian Flynn novel that we’ve all gotten tired of waiting for, except of course it isn’t, because it was written by talented newcomer Stacy Willingham. Trading in Flynn’s Midwest for Baton Rouge and small-town Louisiana, the setting is as much a character in the novel as the deeply, murderously dysfunctional family and its prodigal daughter. Lyrical, atmospheric, and of course filled with gut-punching twists, A Flicker in the Dark will more than fill that Gillian Flynn craving.” – Rachel, The Book Table

What Lies in the Woods

By Kate Alice Marshall. Read by Karissa Vacker.

Bookseller recommendation:

What Lies in the Woods by Kate Alice Marshall is about childhood friendships, how we take those friendships into adulthood, memories and how time and those around us effect our memories and what happens when what we think we know turns out to be more messy and complicated than we ever could have known. When Naomi, Cassidy and Olivia were eleven, a terrible, tragic thing happened in the woods. They have lived with the secret and the lie for all of these years. When the serial killer they sent to prison dies and they all come back together to the hometown where the tragedy occurred they are faced with the truths and the lies they left behind. As one lie turns into another and more truths are uncovered Naomi finds herself unsure of almost everything in her life. I really enjoyed the audio of this one, the narrator was really good and the story was very fast paced and engaging!” – Amy, As the Page Turns

Local Woman Missing

By Mary Kubica. Read by Brittany Pressley, Jennifer Jill Araya, Gary Tiedemann & Jesse Vilinsky.

Bookseller recommendation:

“Finally, a psychological thriller that is truly psychological in that we are given in an depth look at the emotional state of the characters, and is truly thrilling as we are fed bits and pieces of what happened 11 years ago when two women (from the same community) and a 6 year old girl went missing and what is happening in the present when the little girl escapes from the basement where she has been kept prisoner for 11 years. This is a heart pounding and compelling story that will really take you by surprise as the past and the present finally come together in a way you could never have imagined.” – Nancy, Fiction Addiction

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