Dolby Atmos On Audible – Experience Spatialized, Immersive Audiobooks!

A key to a great audiobook experience is immersion. Now, Audible has integrated audiobooks with Dolby Atmos audio into their catalog. 

Dolby Atmos is a revolutionary new audio format that creates an impressive sense of space and depth that traditional stereo audio can’t achieve, by spatializing audio in a unique way. 

This means you can now enjoy audiobooks with a newly heightened sense of realism, that makes you feel like you are actually inside the story, rather than just listening to it. 

In this article, you’ll learn exactly what Dolby Atmos is and how it makes a difference to your audio.

I’ll also explain how you can start listening to Atmos-enabled audiobooks, and I’ll share a selection of the best Atmos-enhanced audiobooks on Audible today. 

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is an audio format that creates a sense of 3D, spatialized audio. To get a sense of how it affects the sound, you should try out this Dolby Atmos Audio Demo.

In the early days of recorded sound, Mono was the main format. This meant that systems used a single speaker, without any sense of direction, or left and right. 

This was quickly replaced by Stereo, where two audio channels were used to create a wider soundstage, with left and right perception. 

The next step, Dolby Atmos, is an audio format that uses special algorithms, filters, and processes, to create the impression of audio coming from anywhere around you in a 3D space. 

This means you can hear sounds coming from behind, above, or below your head in a simulated spatial environment. 

The cool thing about Atmos is that it works with standard stereo headphones, due to the sophisticated decoding algorithms. 

You can use full Atmos speaker rigs, which are massive systems of over 50 speakers, although these are usually only found in cinemas – and probably not suitable for enjoying a humble audiobook. 

Fortunately, anyone can experience the next level immersion of Atmos, if they have some headphones and a phone. 

You can test the difference in audio quality yourself by switching the Atmos mode on and off. 

By doing this, you will clearly be able to hear the difference between the standard stereo and the spatialized Atmos mode. 

Many new titles are being added to Audible which have Atmos enhancements. This means the sound has been designed with Atmos software to create a fully spatialized listening experience. These sound completely different from standard audiobooks, and create a fully 360-degree, 3D sonic environment in your headphones. 

How To Access Dolby Atmos Audiobooks on Audible

Many audiobooks are now available on Audible with Dolby Atmos enhancement. 

All you need is an Audible membership, an Atmos-enabled device, and the Audible app. 

Typically, Atmos spatialized audio will automatically be enabled if you are listening on a compatible device and if the audiobook is Atmos enabled.

Although it’s worth double-checking that it’s enabled in the app by following these steps:

  1. Make sure the Audible app is up to date. 
  2. In the app, open the profile menu. 
  3. Click on the gear icon to open the settings window. 
  4. Click on “Data and Storage”.
  5. Make sure that the “Spatial Audio” option is enabled. 

Now, whenever you listen to an Atmos-enabled title, it will automatically play in Atmos mode, and you will be able to enjoy the spatialized audio. 

The Best Dolby Atmos Audiobooks on Audible

The current total of Atmos-enhanced Audible production is just over 40, although this might have grown by the time you have got around to reading this. 

Here are some of the best Dolby Atmos-enabled audiobooks on Audible. These four categories are specified by Audible and have been the first types of productions they have released. 

Fiction, Drama, and Fantasy

Kids and Family

Soundscapes and other Atmospheres

Live shows and podcasts

You can find the full catalog of Atmos-enabled Audible titles here – Spatialized Audio with Atmos on Audible


After you experience a couple of good Atmos audiobooks, you won’t be wanting to go back to plain old stereo. Luckily there are plenty of Atmos titles, with new ones being added regularly. 

It’s exciting to see what the future holds for this compelling new audio format. It makes a huge difference to immersion, and really pulls you deep into the world you are listening to. The way it emulates spatialization makes it really feel as if you’re inside the sonic environment.

 It can deceive your ears into thinking the things you are hearing are real. It’s truly an experience that everyone should try!


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