Chirp Audiobooks Review & Promo Code 2024

Chirp is an audiobook service known for cheap audiobooks without the need for a subscription. This Chirp Audiobooks review covers my recent experience with trying the service to see if it lives up to its reputation.

How does Chirp work? Is Chirp as good as Audible? In this guide, I’ll answer these questions and more to answer the all-important question: is Chirp Audiobooks worth it? Lastly, I have an exclusive Chirp Audiobooks promo code to share with you for 30% off your first purchase.

Quick Summary

Chirp offers limited-time deals on audiobooks without subscription fees and savings of up to 95% off. It’s a great service if you don’t want to be locked into a monthly commitment or have to deal with managing a credit system. 

You can get 30% off your first purchase with our promo code: CHIRPAA30 (discount will be automatically applied if you follow this link)

How Chirp Works

What is Chirp Audiobooks?

Chirp is an audiobook service from the same people who created BookBub, a popular book discovery website.

What makes Chirp audiobooks unique is its focus on offering limited-time deals on select audiobooks. Books are yours to keep, and, unlike many other audiobook services, there are no monthly subscription fees or minimum purchases.

While I’m a happy customer of another audiobook service (Audible), I’ve been curious about Chirp as there are times when I’ll want additional audiobooks that I don’t have credits for or the Audible Plus selection doesn’t have anything I’m interested in.

Getting Started with Chirp Audiobooks

Initially, I downloaded the Chirp app thinking I would sign up with it. However, I was greeted by the message: “You can’t sign up for Chirp in the app… After you’re a member you can start listening to your audiobooks in the app.”

No problem. I headed over to on my web browser and click on the button “Sign Up for Free!”

Then, it was just a case of following the sign-up process which included entering my email address, choosing my favorite categories, and then finishing my profile by inputting my name and choosing a password.

Overall, the signup process is easy and I like that it is free and doesn’t require any payment details at this point.

Chirp vs. Audible

Is Chirp Cheaper than Audible?

Now with my profile set up, I begin to browse the Chirp selection. The latest Stephen King book Billy Summer catches my eye as (at the time of this review) it appears in both Highly Rated and New York Times Bestsellers lists.

The cost of the book on Chirp is $18.99 USD. To compare Chirp vs. Audible I head over to the latter and bring up the same title.

I can listen to Billy Summers with Audible for 1 credit (= $14.95 USD) or purchase for a member price of $24.49. If I was not an Audible member, the regular cost would be $34.99.

Given that I still have some Audible credits, I decided not to purchase this title on Chirp. However, it’s nice to know that if I do run out of credits and there is a title I can’t wait to listen to, Chirp offers discounted prices on popular and bestselling audiobooks. I compare a few other current popular titles on the two services just to be sure and find the same thing: unless I’m willing to spend a credit with Audible, Chirp seems to be cheaper than Audible for audiobooks. And I haven’t even got to Chirp’s limited-time deals yet…

Next, I head over to the Featured Deals section that promises cheap audiobooks with discounts up to 95% off.

At the time of my visit, Chirp has 348 audiobook titles in the Featured Deals section.

Browsing the selection, I note some familiar titles including two of my favorites: The Count of Monte Cristo (reviewed here) and A Little History of the World (featured here).

To help me with my search, I click “Sort” and choose “Highest Rated” then click “Filter” and choose my favorite genres.

Eventually, I decide on a title I recognize on a topic (procrastination) that I could probably use some help with: The Now Habit by Neil Fiore.

The purchase process is straightforward: after clicking “Buy Now” I enter my payment details and then I’m done.

Note: there is a spot to enter a Chirp Audiobooks promo code. When I first tried the service I didn’t have a code but, subsequent to this purchase, Chirp reached out and provided me the following Chirp discount code so that my readers (that’s you!) can get 30% off their first purchase: CHIRPAA30

The Chirp Audiobooks App

While streaming audiobooks with my web browser is an option, I decided to go back to the Chirp app to listen to my new purchase.

After logging in, my audiobook automatically appeared in my library.

The app has a nice, intuitive layout and includes functions like sleep timer and narration speed. There is also an activity tracker so that you can see your total time listened in the past week, month, or year.

Chirp Audiobook Clubs and Lists

As I use Chirp more, I come to appreciate two ways the service helps address the important question every audiobook fan has asked themself: what should I listen to next?

What are Chirp Audiobook Clubs? 

chirp book clubs

Chirp audiobook clubs provide audiobook recommendations from hosts on a regular basis. Along with personalized recommendations, some clubs also offer companion podcasts or video content, live events, and author interviews. Chirp’s audiobook clubs are hosted by Chirp editors, authors, influencers, brands, and more. 

Follow this link to browse all audiobook clubs.

When you’ve found a book club you want to learn more about, click on the book club card to visit the book club page. Here you can learn more about the theme and host of the club and see current and past picks. You can also follow the club to begin receiving alerts of book club picks and companion content. 

What are Chirp Book Lists?

Chirp offers a seemingly endless variety of book lists with something for every taste (thankfully, you can filter the lists).

Click here to see Chirp Book Lists.

Verdict: Is Chirp Worth It?

I’ve really enjoyed my experience to date with Chirp and can see it appealing to different types of audiobook fans.

For occasional audiobook listeners, Chirp provides a great alternative to other audiobook services by delivering a good selection of cheap audiobooks without the need to commit to a monthly subscription.

For avid audiobook listeners, Chirp is a great addition to other audiobook services as it has some really good deals on audiobooks and can be even cheaper than Audible.

Personally, I don’t expect I will use Chirp exclusively but I do anticipate continuing to use the service to get cheap audiobooks with their featured deals. I like the flexibility of not requiring a monthly subscription with Chirp and the discounted prices mean I’m willing to take a chance on some titles I may not have otherwise.

So, is Chirp audiobooks worth it? Yes! A nice app, cheap audiobooks, and no subscription fees make Chirp a great option for occasional and avid audiobook listeners alike.

Follow this link to go to Chirp audiobooks and browse its current deals.

Chirp Audiobooks Promo Code

Would you like to try Chirp? With the following exclusive Chirp audiobooks promo code, you can get 30% off your first purchase: CHIRPAA30

Click here to visit Chirp audiobooks and get 30% off.

As you can see below, getting the discount is as simple as entering the code on the order page.

Hmmm… with the Chirp audiobooks promo code that book I wanted is now cheaper than Audible! Maybe I will buy it after all…

Click here to visit Chirp audiobooks and get 30% off.

FAQChirp Audiobooks

Have more questions about Chirp audiobooks? Here I answer some common questions about the service.

Follow this link to go to Chirp audiobooks and browse its current deals.

Have you tried Chirp audiobooks? I’d be curious to hear about your experience with the service. Let me know in the comments section below.

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