Audible Author Services (which is owned by Amazon) has launched Audible Author Services, a program that establishes a $20 million fund from which audiobook authors will be paid $1 per sale through,, and iTunes. Don Katz, Audible Founder and CEO, has posted the following letter on

Audible Author Services

Significantly, audiobook publishers do not receive any of the funds. Katz told The Guardian: “The fact is people buy a Neil Gaiman, not a HarperCollins or a Simon & Schuster, so it is for us to connect with the writers and hopefully wake them up to what they can do. If it works it can become a channel of membership and sales.”

The fund runs through December 31, 2012. Its continuation after that date will depend on how successful the program is.

Click here to learn more about Audible Author Services.

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