45 of the Best GraphicAudio Audiobooks

GraphicAudio audiobooks are some of the most exciting listening experiences out there, as they say – it’s like a movie in your mind. 

These types of audiobooks stand out against others by having a far more interesting sonic atmosphere. Unlike standard audiobooks, GraphicAudio recordings contain music, sound effects, ambiance, and often a full cast of talented actors each playing individual roles. These features really make for an immersive audiobook experience and can make standard audiobooks sound outdated. 

GraphicAudio is an audiobook publishing imprint of RBMedia, one of the largest audiobook publishers in the world. It has published over 1,600 titles and over 180 series in genres including fantasy, science fiction, comics, horror, and westerns. With so many titles to choose from, I’ve put together this list of the best GraphicAudio audiobooks to help you find your next great listen!

Why Are GraphicAudio Books Different?

GraphicAudio audiobooks have several elements that make them stand out from their competitors:

  • Full cast – Many of these audiobooks use a full cast, which means each character in the story is performed by a different narrator. This makes it more interesting than a single actor performing all the roles and makes it feel more like you’re listening to a play in a theater rather than a single performer. 
  • Music – The majority of these books use music to enhance the mood of the narration. Some of them use background music for the majority of the book, which is a nice touch. 
  • Sound effects – This is one of the more exciting elements, where certain actions and events are given sound effects. These really immerse you and make you feel like you are in the story. 
  • Ambiance – Most of these books use ambiance and background noise to give you even more immersion by creating the sound of the location’s atmosphere. Ambiance helps to suck you into the world, and can even make you forget where you are. 

Where Can I Listen to GraphicAudio Books?

You can get GraphicAudio books directly from the GraphicAudio.net website and listen to them with the GraphicAudio Access App for Android or Apple iOS devices.

GraphicAudio titles are also available from all major audiobook retailers, including Audible, Scribd, and Audiobooks.com.

I recommend Scribd for listening to GraphicAudio books as it has a large selection – including most of the titles on this list – and membership offers unlimited access to its library, meaning you can pick a title without worrying about wasting a credit. Also, Scribd has an extended 60-day free trial exclusive to Audiobook Addicts readers which you can access here: click here to try Scribd free for 60 days.

Best GraphicAudio Audiobooks

The following are my picks for best GraphicAudio books. All of these contain music, sound effects, and ambiance. The majority of them are full-cast narrations too!

Action Adventure

The League of Set (Agent of Exiles Series)

The Agent of Exiles series is an interesting take on classic Greek mythology. Taking a more modern, action-packed spin, this series takes you through a world of magic, mystery, and danger – you’ll travel through ancient Egypt’s pyramids and tombs and encounter some deadly surprises. The series uses music, sound effects, and a range of vocal actors. 

Hard Revolution (The Black Ghost Series)

This story is set in an alternative future. The Black Ghost is a slick vigilante, who has recently attracted the attention of a crime reporter – Lara Dominguez. Lara slowly gets closer to finding out the Black Ghost’s identity, but is it a good idea to reveal it? This story explores corruption, personal demons, and the ever-shifting battle between good and evil. 

Friend of a Friend (Gun Culture Series)

Taking inspiration from the dark reality of America’s gun culture, this fictional series brings your blood to a boil with tension and excitement. Following the story of a hitman and the wife of a dead crime boss, Gun Culture explores the power dynamic of modern American crime – and takes huge inspiration from real events.

Exile to Hell (Outlanders Series)

Set in a post-apocalyptic America which had been destroyed by a nuclear war two centuries ago, Outlanders takes you through a grim and barren nuclear wasteland. New orders, gangs, and survivor colonies have survived, although now they all struggle for power. This is a fascinating and terrifying insight into what life might look like after a nuclear holocaust.



Moving away from your typical horror apocalypse, Astronuts takes a more lighthearted twist on the end of the world. In this kid-friendly book, Earth has been wrecked by silly humans, but thankfully four secret superheroes can fix things. These humorous tales also give solid scientific education to youngsters. Although adults will find these entertaining too!

The Boys

Based on the same story as the recently successful TV series, The Boys is a cult classic comic book that has been captured in all its glory in this immersive audiobook rendition. The Boys are a fresh take on the superhero genre, where superpowers aren’t always used for good, and sometimes the super “heroes” need to be taken out. 

Vampire Hunter D

Based on a hugely popular Japanese manga series, Vampire Hunter D is a thrilling series crafted by a richly imaginative author. The concept is in the title – Vampire Hunter D is the central character, and you can probably guess what his job is. This modern gothic horror series will captivate your mind for a whopping 51 hours!

The Mask

Another classic series that inspired a blockbuster movie, The Mask is a gruesomely entertaining story that follows the murderous corruption of a strange mask relic. A new homicidal maniac is on the loose, possessed by the mask. This isn’t for the faint-hearted!

X (Dark Horse Comics)

This action-packed comic audiobook series follows Leigh Furguson, a blogger who quickly finds herself in too deep. She stumbles onto a crime scene and gets sucked into the strange and deadly war between an unknown vigilante called X, and a violent gang leader. This exciting performance is highly immersive and seriously well-produced. This is a personal favorite!


A Court of Thorns and Roses

A true fantasy epic, the Court of Thorns and Roses series is a strong contender for one of the best fantasy audiobooks of all time – it even made it onto our list! This classical fantasy story follows a huntress who kills a wolf, and unexpectedly starts a war with magic, lethal, faeries. This seductive and high-octane story will keep you on the edge of your seat as it pulls you into a dark and magical world. 

Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians (Alcatraz Series)

An unusual, but funny tale, this series by bestselling author Brandon Sanderson follows unlikely hero Alcatraz Smedley, after he discovers a magical bag of sand in his inheritance. Smedly must defeat the evil cult of Librarians, who spread misinformation in an attempt to rule the world. This makes great listening for youngsters and adults alike!

The Bookman Histories

A clever and original story, The Bookman Histories tells the tale of a secretive assassin – the Bookman. His weapon of choice is books, and he has collected many enemies in his time. This is an inspiring tale that touches on the power of literature and covers many classic action themes, including pirates, robots, poets, and assassins. It shows the power of words, as authors and their imaginations exist in the same realm. 

Duskfall (The Chaos Queen Series)

Set in a more traditional fantasy world, Chaos Queen goes on an adventure with Knot, a man with no memory but dark, violent dreams. This story of fate, magic, and daemons is a gripping and highly vivid experience. 

The Demon Awakens (The DemonWars Saga)

Set in a hellish, demonic world, The DemonWars Saga is the story of struggle and destiny. A young monk is wrapped up in a prophecy to overcome the ever-growing dangers of the demonic Dactyl army. 

Age of Myth (The Legends of the First Empire Series)

The Legends of the First Empire takes you on a mystical journey through the conflict between humans, and the immortal god race called Fhrey. A god killer slays one of the Fhrey, which upsets the power balance, making the “immortal” gods question their strength. 

Steal the Sky (The Scorched Continent Series)

Best GraphicAudio - Scorched Continent

An outcast con man finds himself thirsting over a huge airship – the ultimate heist, can he and his companion Tibs pull it off? However, during this escapade, the con man stumbles into a huge plot of revolution. With a power vacuum looming over the kingdom, this story keeps you wrapped up for 18 hours plus. 

Wayward Souls (Souls of the Road Series)

Set in a more modern world than typical fantasy, Souls of the Road offers secrets, betrayal, fairies, devils, and powerful magic. The two protagonists are traveling Route 66 when they encounter an ethereal spirit who needs their help. If you want to experience fantasy in the real world – this story has it on offer. 

Spellsinger (Spellsinger Series)

Compellingly and epically humorous, Spellsinger shows you the magic of music, as sorcerous bards have to use their musical shreds to fend off evil magical entities. This epic 51-hour audiobook series uses music better than any other audiobook around. The music is in the story, and it’s in the audiobook!

Super Powereds

In an unusual university for superheroes, five classmates discover they have powers that stand above the rest. This clever book takes a twist on classic American high-school drama and mixes it with superhero action. An excellent mix indeed!

Historical fiction

Raiding with Morgan (American Civil War Series)

Based in the era of the American Civil War, this story follows the lives of a father and son who had been separated by conflicts with the confederacy. A tale of love, family, friendship, and determination, this book gives an immersive and accurate insight into the lives of people during this fascinating period of history. 

A Dangerous Man (Bad Men of the West Series)

Yee-haw! This series tells the stories of some of the Wild West’s most notorious bad boys. These stories are based on real people from America’s history books and take you back in time to the deadly and wild world of early modern America. 

Frontier Trilogy

This trilogy takes you on a journey back in time to the dawn of modern America. Transport yourself to a fascinating era of cowboys, civil war veterans, gunslingers, and Native Americans in this fictional, but historical tale set in the Bighorn Mountains and Dakota. 

People of the Wolf (North America’s Forgotten Past Series)

Over millennia, much of North America’s true history has been wiped from the books. This book goes back to the days before colonization when the native tribes ruled the continent. Written by archaeologists, this saga is a fascinating insight into the lives of Native American tribes. 

Satanta’s Woman

Set in 1864, this painful action romance tells the story of a beautiful widow and legendary war chiefs. Who will win the beautiful bride in a battle between the Comanches and Kiowas?

Wreaths of Glory: A Western Story

The voice acting of this story is on point, as the accents and performances are very faithful to the time and place of its setting. Following an outcast Confederate soldier, it follows an unlikely companionship that creates union in a time of great conflict.  


The Wrath of N’Kai (Arkham Horror Series)

The cultishly popular Arkham Horror series mixes magic, action, and horror to create immersive and creepy experiences!

The Pretenders (Cemetery Girl Trilogy)

A girl wakes up in a cemetery with no recollection of who she is. She decides to live in the cemetery where she finds herself, although soon catches a group of teenagers committing murder. Now she is faced with the tough decision of keeping her identity secret or protecting others from this dangerous gang. 


As far as zombie stories go, the Deadworld series is about as good as it gets. In this zombie apocalypse, the main characters are a bunch of teenagers who are trying to survive in a world with no adults – it starts in a typical yellow school bus. They are threatened by the king zombie – a bad-ass Harley biking zombie with magical powers. 

The Warded Man (Demon Cycle Series)

Every night deadly demons ravage the world. Humanity has barely survived using magical wards which protect them against the demons. A recent discovery gives humans a combat ward, one which could let them destroy the demons forever. This stylish fantasy horror book is full of cool original ideas and heart-pounding sound effects and music. 


A fascinating take on the monster horror genre, DEVOUR places you on a research ship off the coast of Massachusetts. An ancient monster frozen beneath the Arctic Circle thaws, and sets off in search of food… Soon setting its sights on a cruise ship filled with prey.


Archie Comics

The Archie comic series is one of the most well-loved and longest-running series. This classic collection is re-imagined in the audio format with some talented narrators and excellent sound design. It follows a classic American teenager and his oddball friendship group. Full of humor, friendship, teen romance, and fun, this endearing series is not to be missed. 

Fred the Vampire Accountant

Could anything be worse? You get stuck in your boring job as an accountant for eternity after being bitten by a vampire and becoming immortal. Come on a humorous adventure with a new vampire called Fred. Sure, his life started off dull, but his new adventures are full of excitement, danger, and zombies!

Goblin Quest

A goblin with a ghost stuck in his ear, a talking spider, and a goblin nursery, now how fun does that sound? Goblin Quest twists the fantasy genre into new hilarious shapes and makes you question everything you thought you knew about goblins. 

The Peach Blonde Bomber (Nuclear Bombshell Series)

PI Johnson, at your service. This banterous novel set in 2057 mixes aliens, apocalypse, good, evil, and exotic dancers into a unique tongue-in-cheek adventure. If you love sci-fi and having a laugh, then you can’t miss this. 


Downbelow Station (Alliance-Union Universe Series)

As far as sci-fi goes, this book really has it all. Aliens, spaceships, intergalactic warfare, and asteroid mining. This distinctly political sci-fi epic takes you all around the universe, in a struggle between different spatial colonies.

Boneshaker (Clockwork Century Series)

Set in 1880, this steampunk American Civil War takes listeners into a parallel version of history. Steam-powered tanks, sky vehicles, and weapons of mass destruction are used in a hyped-up version of this historical conflict.

Encounter (Deathlands Series)

A nuclear eruption devastates Washington, D.C., and triggers a chain reaction of apocalyptic explosions around the earth. The Deathlands emerge as a new environment filled with desperate survivors and rebel gangs navigating a nuclear wasteland. There is hope, as some scientific experiments reveal an option for survival… 

Earth Blood

Starvation, societal collapse, renegade gangs, and a deep space mission. These are the core themes of Earth Blood, which starts in the Nevada desert and ends at the peak of a far-reaching odyssey. 

The Rookie (Galactic Football League Series)

In the year 2700, competing in a lethal version of football with aliens and humans, an unlikely hero – a quarterback called Quentin Barnes has to survive this deadly game. If you want to hear a story mixing football with classic sci-fi, I don’t think you’ll find much better than this. 

Alive (The Generations Trilogy)

A mix of battle royale, mystery, and brutal violence, the Generations Trilogy is a fantastic sci-fi audiobook for teenagers. Following a teenage girl with amnesia, and a group of teenagers trapped in a corridor of coffins, will you ever get to the bottom of this endlessly deep plot?

Kilgore and Co.

Zombies. Need I say more? This gruesome and creepy-as-hell immersive audiobook takes you into a dark and zombie-ridden world. The sound effects, music, and ambiance are as excellent as the writing. 

Isolation (Playing Gods Series)

Increasingly relevant due to the rise of VR and video games, Playing Gods borrows heavily on concepts and debates presented from gaming and digital life. Avatars fight in a virtual world, although the results have real consequences. This is a really unique and well-thought-out story that I insist you check out if you love video games. 

The Sidekicks Initiative

Behind every great hero is a great sidekick – that sets the premise for this humorous sci-fi novel. Out of shape, aging sidekicks must band together to overcome some old arch-enemies of the Justice Platoon. The world is on the brink of destruction, is there anything these has-beens can do?

Caprice of Fate (Tangent Knights Series)

Set in the year 2046, a hotheaded college student tries to overthrow her mothers unethical tech monopoly. She trains to wield some powerful techno weaponry, and learns what it takes to become a true hero. This cyberpunk world gives a modern twist to the super-hero theme. 

Wasted Space

Adapted from the popular graphic novel, Wasted Space takes you to the darkest corners of the universe, filled with robots, aliens, and intergalactic prophecies. The protagonist is involved in an ancient destiny, although he has other things on his mind…

Final Thoughts

I hope you this list of the best GraphicAudio books helps you find your next great listen!

A warning though: once you experience the high level of immersion these books offer, you might not want to go back to the traditional sound of solo narrator audiobooks. 

If you have listened to GraphicAudio productions before, what are your favorite titles(s)? Please let me know in the comments section below.


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